Road trip story from our trip in August

Back in August when Annette and myself journeyed out to the Lauer Ranch in Rolla, Missouri, Karl had plans for us to head to Branson, Missouri. Little did I know what was in store. Karl being good friends with Matt Rankin of the famous Rankin brothers had unknowingly (to me) contacted Matt and had arranged for us to be guest of his at the famous Mickey Gilley Theater. I was honored that not only was I, along with Karl and Babs, introduced to the crowd, but so was my lovely wife. The one that has allowed me to be “Morgan Dollar” for so many years. In the Professional Wrestling business it’s always the “star” that gets the accolades. But never the one that allows that person to be that “star”. So to Matt I say with a heart felt thank you! Thank you for letting my wife be just a small part of your show.

I was so impressed with these two brothers that when I came home I started doing some research just to find out who they are. And I was indeed  impressed!

Matt Rankin with Karl & myself

Mark & Matt Rankin grew up in West Texas , and developed a love for vintage music, guitars, cars and anything from the classic era of the fifties and sixties. At 6 & 7 years old years old one of their favorite things to do was record themselves singing with Jan and Dean, The Beach Boys, and Buddy Holly. They performed in Texas for many years playing the classic music they love.
Now, Mark & Matt are main attractions in Branson Missouri at the beautiful Mickey Gilley Theater! With their talented cast of three female vocalists(The Rankinettes), five musicians, and an outstanding comedian, The Rankin Brothers authentically replicate the classic songs the way you remember hearing them. They will take you on a trip down memory lane, with their favorite classic songs of the last five decades. Hear classics from Elvis, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Neil Diamond, The Righteous Brothers, Simon and Garfunkel, all the way to Billy Joel, Eric Clapton and Faith Hill just to name a few.

Mark Rankin singing a Elvis tune

This multi-variety show speaks to all groups and generations. Along with their considerable vocal and musical talents, they have brotherly comedy and a stage presence that audiences adore. From parents to children, this truly is one of the greatest family attractions that you would want to be a part of. We enjoyed our time at this show and enjoyed spending the private time with Matt.
If you are ever in Branson, make sure you check out The Rankin Brothers! If you get the chance to meet Matt, Tell him I told you about the show and as usual, I was right! They really rock!

The Rankinettes with Karl & myself

We will be back in Branson hopefully soon and I guarantee you that we will be back at the Mickey Gilley Theater to enjoy this outstanding show!

Checkout the Rankin brothers at for show dates and other great information.



Below you can enjoy some YouTube Video clips of the Rankin Brothers!


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