RIP: Nick Bockwinkel

It is with a heavy heart the Cauliflower Alley Club announces that “The Greatest AWA World Champion of All Time” and former CAC President and WWE Hall Of Famer, Nicholas “Nick” Bockwinkel, passed away Saturday night at approx. 8:40 pm due to health issues.

We will have more on this later Sunday afternoon.

The Cauliflower Alley Club, it’s members, and all of Nicks fans and friends send their condolences to Darlene and the Bockwinkel family at this time.

The Bockwinkel family ask for everyone to respect their privacy at this time.

Morgan Dollar
Executive Vice President

Read more about Nick’s great career here!

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29 Responses to “RIP: Nick Bockwinkel”

  1. It is with great sadness I say R.I.P. to a great legend. If it was not for you and my Oma, I would have never fallen in love with professional wrestling.

  2. Rest In Peace to one of the greatest and most underrated wrestlers & champions of all time. RIP Mr. Bockwinkel, thank you for the memories, you have earned your rest.

  3. He will be truly missed..I am a former wrestler from the 70s and 80s themaskmarvel and mask super star I got to meet nick bockwinckle several times he was a big influence on me one of the nicest guys you would ever want to meet condolences to his family r.i.p nick the wrestling world will not be the same with out you

  4. Rest In Peace Mr. Bockwinkel.

  5. Nick Bockwinkel was one of the greatest Champions in Pro Wrestling History> I remember growing up watching the AWA. I loved the AWA. Nick was the Champion most of the time that I watched it! I had the honor of meeting him at the 1st Legends Of The Ring in 2004! He was such a class act! May Nick rest in peace with the Lord in Heaven. My prayers go out to the family,friends and fans of Nick Bockwinkel!

  6. Donna "Dawn" Lemke November 15, 2015 at 5:56 am

    So sad to hear the news. You will be missed, my friend. Many good memories. My thoughts are with you, Darlene. Be at peace.

  7. Erin Renslow Jackson November 15, 2015 at 5:58 am

    My heart breaks for Darleen and his family. He will be missed by many. Nicholas was a class act and was a dear friend to my family, even giving the eulogy at my fathers funeral. I can’t express how much I am saddened by this news but I will always cherish the memories I have of a great man. Go rest high on that mountain Nicholas, your work is done. My prayers and condolences are certainly outpouring. You will be missed Nick.

  8. 'Infamous' Dino Dinelli November 15, 2015 at 5:59 am

    NICK BOCKWINKLE….’that’s all the people need to know’…

  9. Tearable news. I was just watching his AWA match against Curt Hennig last night! Rest In Piece.

  10. Rust in vrede mr bockwinkel

  11. I am beyond shock! Nick’s passing is like a part of my own being ripped from me. He was bigger than life, a wrestling legend, and most of all a friend for 45 years.

    I will miss so much his humor, his phone calls, and his support. I’m often asked who my favorite wrestler is, and though I never really think about it, my list of really, really personal favorites included Nick. He was so special person and so special a friend on so many levels.

    My heart is heavy for Darlene, the entire Bockwinkel family, and a universe of fans.


  12. RIP there is a rock and roll wrestling in heaven !

  13. A 10 Bell Salute to a Wrestling Great and Legend, RIP Nick Bockwinkle

  14. So many times I saw nick bockwinkle ray Stephens and Bobby Hernan at the denver auditorium when I was growing up wrestling against the high flyers and verne gagne

    I loved the way he carried himself as a champion. Cocky and arrogant but classy never screamed or yelled total class act


  15. RIP, Nick. You were one of the best champions of all time. You carried yourself with dignity. You were copied by many. I will never forget your legacy.

  16. Rest in Peace My Friend.

  17. Nick ranked right up there with the best human beings and wrestlers.

    RIP Nick Bockwinkel.

  18. Very sad to learn of Nick’s passing, but I’m am so very glad I got to see him so many times at CAC over the years. It helped to ease the transition of his retirement from wrestling. He was a wonderful champion and a wonderful man, and thankfully death cannot change that!

  19. First of all I would like to express my condolences to Darlene, Johnna and Nikki Jo.I am writing for the 4 girls who started his first fan club in 1961 in Omaha, NE. We were at the 2008 reunion where we surprised him, he told everyone there our story and printed it again in the Dec 08 “The Ear”. He was our friend and confident a very special person as I am sure you are aware. He wrote us from all over the world when he was wrestling. I still have the post cards and letters. We are very sad just as you are please know that you are in our prayers.
    God please you Nick and watch over us all from heaven.

  20. The AWA with Nick as Champion, managed by Bobby the Brain, are my favorite childhood memories. R.I.P. Champ.

  21. Very sad to hear of the passing of a true champion. l still watch many of his matches
    and marvel at his presence in and out of the ring. This Aussie sends sincere condolences. Rest in Peace Nick

  22. Jonathan Lindquist November 16, 2015 at 6:24 am

    In Loving Memory of the Champ Nick Bockwinkel you were a marvel in the ring, A true legend and you will be truly missed by all of us who enjoyed your matches you were a true master of your craft and a good hand in the business

    Rest in Peace Nick

  23. Terrance Machalek Sr. November 16, 2015 at 11:57 am

    Sorry to hear about the death of Nick Bockwinkel. BUT I am glad that I got to see him one last time @ CAC this past April. That is one of the reasons that I joined CAC, try to get to the reunions when I can. The year that I joined, it was to see Don Jardine, who I had promised to visit in Alberta when I retired. BUT I never got that chance. Also that year Jim Melby also died just before the convention. Heartfelt sympathy to his wife and those close to him. Rest In Peace CHAMP!

  24. Never having been fortunate enough to see him live, I have seen him via ESPN tapings from years ago. I believe that all of the accolades bestowed upon him here and elsewhere seem to be earned. My limited exposure to him has had a strong effect. Love him or hate him (I loved him), you knew when he was in the house! Wrestling loses another great legend. It has been a tough 3-5 years especially for fans. My prayers go out to his family & friends. I am sure that they feel a great loss. And rightfully so. So sad to see you go so early in life. God bless you and your family, CHAMP!

  25. Lots of great memories watching Nick Bockwinkel as I grew up. The best was meeting him on a plane from Winnipeg to Minneapolis. He was sitting with Gene Okerlund. I screwed up my 18 years of courage and told him he was the best wrestler in the world. He looked me right in the eye and said: “I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment young man.” Kayfabe at it’s best! RIP Sir.


  27. What a genourous man he was when I was a teen in St. Louis at tale end of his career he came in town and wrestled one last time. We were able to get ringside seats and wore hats with his name on it and cheered him on. We had a blast and after the matches he met us all at an area restaurant spending personnel time with us and giving us all an autographed photo. He was very friendly and nice.

    I always tried to follow him and really remembered what a down to earth guy he was that night. I’m sorry I missed his mass in St. Louis yesterday. My prayers to his family and may Nick rest in peace.

  28. I have been a fan of Nick since I was 13 years old in the early 70’s. I was lucky enough to be able to meet Nick in Las Vegas in December 1986. He was very kind and generous and I even got an autograph from him. I still have it. God bless your family Nick and may you rest in peace. You were for sure one of a kind.

  29. So sorry to learn of Nick Bockwinkle’s passing. Nick was a class act all the way… very smart and well spoken. And he was a real gentleman and was loved by all. RIP my friend…