RIP: Jackie Fargo

Pro wrestling legend Jackie Fargo died earlier today at age 85.

One of the most revered figures in Memphis wrestling history, Jackie Fargo had been hospitalized in critical condition  in his home since June 15th.

The CAC will have more posted shortly.

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2 Responses to “RIP: Jackie Fargo”

  1. CWA MEMPHIS Jackie Fargo Music Video WRESTLING 1979

    Opening The Vault – Jackie Fargo part 1

    Opening The Vault – Jackie Fargo part 2

    Funny! Jackie Fargo vs Jimmy Hart (Lumberjack Match, 11-8-82) CWA Memphis

    I know he will be miss by so manying people and I know the people that loved him are hurting right now. just know he in that big ring in the sky doing what he loved to do putting on a show and making the people laugh and enjoy there self a wrestling show every night always sold out I know RED up there too with Ed and other Eddie Gilbert and Curt Hening and Eddie Guerrero so many other. partying like we all know they are there at the CAC in the sky too.

    I will always miss my wrestling family and my hero’s it not easy letting go the saddest thing is lost your love ones and No I never met RED or Eddie Gilbert or Jackie Fargo but when you invest your childhood cheering from you living room I think you have a right to say what you feel.

    You will never leave my heart or soul I’ll always keep you close to me. In till I pass away. ūüôĀ love forever, forever loved

  2. Order the killer, almost 4-hour dvd documentary at Watch the film… Barbarian Record label owner Jim Blake explains the unbelievable popularity of the Fargo brothers–Jackie & Roughhouse. Yet another tale from the essential documentary Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’

    to learn more about Jackie Fargo and other in the Memphis area if your a new wrestler you should buy this and learn your history. and If your a fan this is a must have for yourself. I bought it and it was really good learn so much about the Memphis style and enjoy it.