RIP: CAC friend Shuhei Aoki


Photo courtesy of Greg Oliver.

It is with a heavy heart that the Cauliflower Alley Club reports that Shuhei Aoki has passed away in Japan from an apparent heart attack.

Aoki has been a very special wrestling fan and friend of the CAC for the last 15 plus years.  He attended many reunions including this past year’s event which took place just 4 weeks ago.  Shuhei was so respected by the club that he was honored with the 2009 Red Bastien Friendship Award.

Aoki was only 39 years old.

From all of us here at the Cauliflower Alley Club, we send condolences to his friends and family. He will be missed. RIP, our friend.

UPDATE: Greg Oliver wrote a new article about Shuhei after learning of his passing.  You can read it here:

In Aoki’s memory, here is a nice article written by Greg Oliver in 2013 celebrating this great individual:

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11 Responses to “RIP: CAC friend Shuhei Aoki”

  1. This breaks my heart. I attended the New England Fan Fest just last week, and met Shu there…. he was one of the last fans in the hotel after the show. We spend time talking, and bumped into him 2 more times. On a special note, as we approached Jim Neidhart for a photo… Jim grabbed SHU and said “this guy is important, he is from Japan” ….we all laughed. My heart is broken, god bless you SHU.

  2. So sad… my heart is broken. Shuhei attended almost every big event in the business here in America and many in Japan… always had a “presento” for me which was usually photo’s from a prior event… he would even frame them. I really am stunned over this… he was a young man, a very kind person. Tomorrow is promised to no man…I pray he is in a better place and wish my deepest Sympathy to his family.

  3. Shu was the absolute nicest, nicest person we had in the wrestling brother/sisterhood. Just a person we all loved and enjoyed seeing at every function the past 25+ years and Shu was everywhere. Iowa, Upstate NY, fanfests, conventions, reunions and of course CAC. Like Bri said above, Shu typically brought “presentos”(gifts in Japanese) for his favorites at CAC like Terry Funk, Mil Mascaras, Destroyer Dick Beyer each year like Japanese magazines with their images in them. And he was always so generous in thanking any of us profusely who took and gave him pictures we took with him in them. He was all that is good about pro wrestling, but more importantly friendship, kindness and life itself. Shu, again we all love and miss you terribly. So young at only 39 to have been taken from us. And his famed website was just packed with wonderful photos and remembrances on the boys he loved and respected over the years from Thesz and Karl Gotch to Abby and Sheik Ed Farhut.

  4. Sad to hear the news. Shu was a great guy and will be missed by all that knew him. God Bless and Best Wishes to Shu’s Family.

    R.I.P. Shu

  5. Sad to hear the news. Shu was a great guy and will be missed by all that knew him. God Bless and Best Wishes to Shu’s Family.

    R.I.P. Shu

    Does anyone know how to get cards or flowers to Shu’s family or to a funeral home?

  6. Shu died at Kennedy/New York Airport while awaiting a return flight back home from one of his wrestling treks(not in Japan) according to his family. Cards and flowers can be sent in his memory of Shuhei Aoki at 2-13-23 Naka Kunitashi-Si; Tokyo Japan, 186-0004. I’m sure his family would appreciate hearing how mjuch we all appreciated his friendship and his visits to us here in the U.S. and other countries.

  7. Shuhei is a friend I will truly miss. I always saw him every year at the Gulf Coast reunion. He was friendly and seem to have a presento for me each year like he did for so many other people.

    I remember running into him at the first Texas shootout reunion I attended and knowing so few people in Dallas and being one of the few first arrivals, it was reassuring to see the friendly face of the super nice great guy in a different state and place. I truly will miss and think of you especially at the Gulf Coast reunion buddy. Rest in peace, Shuhei, my old friend.

  8. I am still in shock over Shu’s passing. Just a couple of weeks ago I attended the New England Hall of Fame… I stayed late after the show, to see some of the wrestlers in the lobby area. Shu was wandering around and we bumped into him a few times before leaving. We talked with him and he said he was going to New York next… I heard he passed between flights, he was such a kind person and I can’t believe he’s gone. A true wrestling fan and I send my respects to his loved ones, godspeed to you, Shu, my friend.

  9. I was really heart broken on hearing of the death of Shu. He came and spent a few days with me in Barbados. We enjoyed the wonderful beach and sun and good Caribbean cooking, we drove all over the island. He took hundreds of photo’s and I really enjoyed his pleasant company. He was really a wonderful wrestling fan, bringing me lovely gifts from Japan-which I will treasure. A very sad day for me. God Bless My Friend.

  10. only 39 year old so sad my thoughts are with his family and his friends though this hard time.

  11. I am going to miss Shuhei a lot. I just seen him in vegas for the reunion. I would like to make a suggestion to the club: rename and/or put Shuhei’s name on the friendship award in his honor. It would be a nice way to remember him as he touch our lives. Also I known Shu for over 12 years, great knowledge, great attitude towards life, and no doubt a big traveler for wrestling. I ran into Shu at my second CAC in Vegas, and man was I impressed with his style. We talked about everything wrestling for about two hours after the banquet. I would run into him quite often in places like: Tampa, Charlotte, Fayetteville, Atlanta, Newton, upstate New York, Brooklyn, etc. When I got the news he passed, I was beyond shock. I hope that his family and all who knew him will remember as he was: A great human being. I cry a lot about him. We love you Shuhei and you will never be forgotten. Thank you for being youself. Peace. To his family in Japan, you raised a great son, he was more then a friend, he was my brother from another land, thank you Mr. and Mrs. Aoki for having such a wonderful son.