Reunion Recap From Jeff Sharkey

By Jeff Sharkey

The 45th Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion, our organization’s Sapphire Event, more than lived up to my expectations.   Having had the opportunity to converse with almost all of the honorees and/or their family members in preparation for the feature articles that appeared on the CAC website, I felt a step closer to the recipients than in previous years.  As each of them took to the podium, it was obvious that all parties celebrated the opportunity to greet their fans and peers once again.  But the banquet and the Baloney Blowout comprised only a small percentage of my total CAC experience.

Mando Guerrero renewed his acquaintance with Dirty Dan Denton and the Ring of Frienship continued to prove its name worthy of distinction.

The House of Humperdink has an increase in membership as Michael McCurdy and Joe Sousa enlist their help to Sir Oliver himself.

Judo Gene LeBell and his newest friend Dante, who attended as part of a Make-A-Wish Foundation trip.

For those taking in the CAC reunion for the first time, there may have been an uncertainty in how to drink in the entire atmosphere.  Realistically, one can only tread warily once; the entire week of events is as rich and varied as can be in the hopes of attracting our esteemed veterans, as well as the rising stars of tomorrow.  I witnessed the genuine enthusiasm of a Vance Nevada packaged in his very humble yet friendly personality.   I met Dan Kroffat for the first time, whose seminar with Ross Hart was encouraging and enlightening for newcomers to our sport, and validating for our grizzled warriors who seek to maintain some comfort and stability at the end of their active days.

Meeting Howard Brody, former President of the National Wrestling Alliance stands out to me.  As I would soon learn from reading his book SWIMMING WITH PIRANHAS, his road to both success and failure was traveled with an undying passion to do relevant things within the wrestling business, which I term to be a goal he reached successfully.
The emotion displayed by Earl Maynard, also making a CAC debut, was such that he vowed to return in future years; his tale may be the ideal expression of the mission CAC aims for: creating a sociable environment that encourages rave reviews such as Earl’s.

Disco Fury and Gorgeous Michelle star flank Dean Higuchi at the close of the 2009 CAC Banquet.

I will have more to say in subsequent features here on the CAC website as the weeks progress.  These few examples spoke volumes to me as it relates to the impact that such a modest gathering of peers can have.  Each night as I returned to my comfortable room, I counted my blessings that the accommodations at the Gold Coast Hotel were more than satisfactory, and yet I felt as though there was more to experience and others to meet and interact with; I struggled with the idea of returning to the main floor to drink in more of the atmosphere, yet eventually fatigue would prove to be the victor.

I am looking forward to the next reunion, set for April 18-20, 2011 back at the Gold Coast.  Let me encourage all who read this to send your own short recap of the reunion events to the webmaster, Morgan Dollar.  Any photographs you’d like to share are sure to be unique, and a personalized perspective is welcomed.   Whatever you have time to commit to writing, it will be that much more of an impetus to have others consider joining me and all our CAC bretheren in 2011.  Cheers.

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