Reunion FAQ page


How do I purchase CAC memberships or CAC reunion tickets?

On the home page of the official CAC website you will find a banner on the top right of the screen that mentions “Online Payments Now Accepted Membership, Renewals and Banquet Tickets”. Click on that link and follow the on-screen directions. Or you can go to and follow the directions to ether print/mail a membership form (with payment) or use the contact numbers to call in your payment information. Accepted forms of payment are PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, and personal check (CAC does not accept AMEX or Discover at this time). Also note that Lifetime Membership is only available via phone or U.S. Postal mail. Due to high PayPal fees the CAC does not accept PayPal for Lifetime Memberships.

What ticket do I need to be able to attend all of the events?

In order to attend the Bologna Blowout on Tuesday, the banquet awards ceremony on Wednesday, and all other reunion events (like bowling, the seminars, etc.) you need to be a member of the CAC (which costs $25.00 per year if residing in the US) and you also need to purchase a banquet ticket (which costs $100.00 per person).

What parts of the reunion can the public attend?

The Nostalgia Room is open to the general public and is free of charge. There will be wrestlers and other vendors selling merchandise. There is no set schedule for when certain wrestlers will be present, they kind of come and go as they please during the hours of operation for the Nostalgia Room. The Casino Royale wrestling shows, which run Sunday and Monday nights, are free of charge and open to the general public. Those with a CAC banquet ticket receiving priority seating. If you want to attend the banquet, seminars, and other reunion functions, you will need a banquet ticket. Membership and banquet tickets can be purchased from our official CAC website at

Is there a chance to meet the wrestlers?

Yes, in the Nostalgia Room. The hours are typically 10am to 5pm, and the Nostalgia Room is open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The wrestlers themselves usually spend a few days in Las Vegas, so you may get lucky and meet them in and around the casino at some point! Keep in mind that the CAC is a nonprofit 501(c3) organization that helps out retired wrestlers who may fall on financial hardships. Your $25.00 yearly membership helps us to support these individuals. You also receive a minimum of 4 newsletters per year (most years there are 6 newsletters) which are mailed directly to your home. Our motto is called “The Ring Of Friendship”.  Once you become a member and attend our reunion you will find out real quick it is more than “The Ring Of Friendship”. It is more like “The Ring Of Family!” And we look forward to having you be a part of this 50th year celebration!

I am a wrestler and would like to attend the seminars. How do I register?

The seminars are free to everyone carrying a current year name badge and banquet ticket. Look for the schedule of seminars at the registration table. The seminars are planned by CAC board member Bob Leonard. If you have additional questions, you can contact Bob through Morgan Dollar at

I am a vendor or wrestler and would like more information about purchasing a space in the Nostalgia Room.

CAC board member Scott Hosey is in charge of the Nostalgia Room. For all information concerning purchasing a space contact Scott at:

How many autographs can I get?

Most wrestlers do not mind giving an autograph. However, keep in mind this is not a FanFest, so we ask that you refrain from asking a wrestler to sign multiple items.

What does my banquet ticket cover and will I receive it by mail?

Once you purchase your banquet ticket, your name will be recorded by the CAC board of directors. You will have a name badge waiting for you at the reception table located in the Nostalgia Room. NO BANQUET TICKET WILL BE MAILED. If you purchase a banquet ticket through PayPal we strongly recommend you keep a copy of your receipt and have with you when you pick up your name badge/banquet ticket. Your name badge is an “all access” pass to all events planned for the CAC reunion, including the Tuesday night “Bologna Blowout” and Wednesday night Banquet. We do ask that during the dinners and the awards presentations no autographs or individual photos are taken. Feel free to take photos of the award winners at the photo staging area after the presentation of their respective awards, or after the nightly events have concluded.

Can I compete in the bowling tournament?

Yes you can provided you have a name badge/banquet ticket. It’s always fun and it’s not all about winning. Plus, you never know who you may be bowling against! It is about helping out the CAC Benevolent Fund as the proceeds are split between the bowling awards and helping those in need. You can register for the bowling event at the reception table located in the Nostalgia Room. The bowling tournament usually takes place Wednesday afternoon of the reunion.

Can I compete in the cribbage tournament?

Yes you can provided you have a name badge/banquet ticket. A word of warning – if you end up playing against the “Destroyer”…watch him! He has been known to carry a few extra cards under that mask! Check with the reception table to register for this event which has raised several thousands of dollars for the Benevolent Fund over the years.

Can I purchase a CAC reunion t-shirt without attending the reunion?

No. Official CAC t-shirts can only be purchased at the reunion. We usually sell out of them at the reunion, and we have no presales prior to our time in Las Vegas.

What if I move or change my home address?

The U.S. Postal service DOES NOT FORWARD NON-PROFIT, BULK MAIL! It is up to the CAC member to contact the CAC board of directors concerning your change of address.  Please be diligent in this area. The CAC spends hundreds of dollars every year resending returned EAR newsletters, and that money could go to helping someone that really needs it. Remember, even if you move and leave a forwarding address with the U.S. Postal service, the EAR WILL NOT BE FORWARDED!

Does the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino have a shuttle to and from the airport?

The Gold Coast does not offer a shuttle to and from the airport. However, it is Las Vegas and taxi service is readily available at both the airport and the hotel. The Gold Coast does offer a free shuttle to and from the Las Vegas strip. You can find all that information on the Gold Coast’s website

Can you tell us who is attending the reunion that is not getting honored?

As all members feel it’s an honor to even attend the reunion, we like to keep the guest list a secret to surprise everyone when they show up in Las Vegas. Plus sometimes major stars cannot make their travel plans until the last minute. So to answer the question, no we can’t. However we do mention a few names once they have confirmed and purchased banquet tickets (and give us the “go ahead” to announce they will be attending).

I would like to work on the Casino Royale wrestling show. Who do I contact for this?

The CAC has no control over the Casino Royale wrestling show. This is done outside the CAC via several different promotions coming together to bring professional wrestling to a wrestling reunion. Contact the main promoter of the show Billy Blade at