2012 Reunion

The 2012 CAC reunion was held at the Gold Coast Hotel, Las Vegas, NV the week of April 16 – 18, 2012.

2012 Award Winners:

The Iron Mike Award: Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Wendi Richter

The Lou Thesz Award: Ricky Steamboat

Red Bastien Friendship Award:  Brian Westcott

Mens Wrestling award: Michelle Starr, Mike Webster, Bill DeMott

Future Legend Award: Kyle Matthews

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Al Burke

Ladies Wrestling Award : Judy Martin, “Ivory” Lisa Moretti

REEL Award : Dan Haggerty Grizzly Adams

Special Presentations: Announcers Award Bill Kersten

2012 Casino Royale Wrestling Show


Check out the full gallery of images from the 2012 CAC Reunion here: