2008 Reunion

2008 Reunion Video Package

2008 CAC Reunion Covered in Japanese Press
CAC Member and Future Legend Honoree, Cheerleader Melissa, was recently looking around in San Francisco’s Japantown and found the following magazine featuring photos and stories from CAC’s 2008 Reunion.

Pro Wrestling Revolution Match Results and Photos

John Arthur Lowe’s Reunion Photo Gallery

John Arthur Lowe’s Reunion Blog

 SLAM! Wrestling Reunion Coverage

Mike Masarky Reunion Photo Album

Member Comments

All I have to do is look at the list of folks who attended to see how successful the 2008 CAC Reunion turned out to be.  Much as I’d like to visit with so many people each year, there’s only so much time on the clock, and I always leave wanting more.  My list of friends grows with every reunion, and I hope people say they count me in their growing lists.  Please feel free to contact me if I can do anything to help the CAC or anyone in particular.  I value the talents and contributions of so many of our members, and want to be available to help build each year’s reunion a step above from the last.  The trip has been the highlight of my year, and meeting up with all of you helps make it that way.  Thanks for coming and keeping me excited about CAC’s future plans.
– Jeff Sharkey
Thanks to those from the Board and our members who volunteered this year!  For the first time in eight years, I was able to enjoy spending my time mingling and visiting with old friends.  Joyce Paustian and BJ Race did a tremendous job for us in so many ways and JJ Dillon did an incredible job as our host!  When I got home, I had over 500 e-mails and half of them were comments and compliments on how much people enjoyed their stay.  I even got e-mails from pool players visiting the nostalgia fair.  This just goes to show what a group working as a team can do!
– Karl Lauer