Nick Bockwinkel steps down as CAC president

Effective immediately President Nick Bockwinkel has stepped down as CAC president.  Simply put Nick feels its time for new leadership and he feels waiting until next April will just delay the great ideas that he and President Elect Brian Blair have discussed over the past few months.

It is obvious to Nick that Blair is ready to lead the CAC into the future.

In addition, Brian Blair will assume both the Chairman of the Board and CEO positions as he has extensive experience in corporate business and non- profit organizations.  Brian plans to be a very active President and certainly the club will continue to be in good hands with him in charge.

It goes without saying how grateful we are to President Bockwinkel for his years of service as the leader of this great organization.  He has helped to shape the CAC into a thriving business that itself is getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary, a wonderful milestone.  Please take a moment to thank Nick Bockwinkel…a true legend, gentleman, and friend.

Best wishes to Brian Blair as he begins his tenure as CAC President!  It is a tremendous honor bestowed on the right man for the job.

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5 Responses to “Nick Bockwinkel steps down as CAC president”

  1. My sincerest congratulations to new CAC President Brian Blair and eternal gratitude to former President Nick Bockwinkel. Being wise enough to have gentlemen like these two at the top has made the CAC the terrific organization that it is and will continue to be for many generations to come.

  2. Tony Vellano PWHF President August 29, 2014 at 6:57 am

    first…what a wonderful man….then wrestler….then President…you are one of the nicest gentleman I have met…your belief in the PWHF since its beginning and your belief in me back then is and was very humbling…be great at what you will be doing in the future and I hope our paths cross again soon…
    as for Brian Blair…he will be a great President and successor…with his leadership I know the CAC will be around for many years to come…

    Tony Vellano PWHF President

  3. You cannot replace a Nick Bockwinkel … just as you could not replace a Red Bastien or Lou Thesz. CAC is fortunate that greatness has always followed greatness. Brian Blair has big shoes to fill, but I am confident that he will continue the tradition that has made CAC so great for fifty years. Thank you Nick for your service as our President and for being such a great champion in the squared circle for all those years. You exemplify the true meaning of dignity and class. Congratulations to Brian Blair. Good luck and you can count on my support.

  4. John Arthur Lowe August 31, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Nick Bockwinkel, not only were you a champion, you were a role model that I looked up to. One of my main regrets is not spending more time in conversation with you.

    One time, you asked me how I was doing, and I replied, “Functioning.” You took note of that and replied, “Maybe I should say that to my wife.”

    You were a constant throughout many a reunion during your tenure as CAC President, and the Board could have not found a more than capable successor in Brian Blair, whom we share something in common: we were born in the same city (Gary, Indiana) nearly nine months apart.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas next April!

  5. I was very fortunate to have read and heard about Nick Bockwinkle when he was an active wrestler. In my hometown of Los Angeles, California he was a fan favorite. In the AWA he was a heel. My opinion of both the man and wrestler was greatly changed when I heard him giving an interview. From that time on he became a permanent favorite. I was highly honored to meet him in person when I attended my first CAC reunion in 2009.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Nick has left a mark that will never be erased. I have no doubt his legacy will live on for quite some time.