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It’s been well over due. Morgan’s Corner has not been updated in forever.

With the Reunion approaching quickly, A couple of members have helped me on the website. I want to thank these members for “giving there all”. I get several compliments on the website and I am truly thankful. However, I’m not a English teacher by no means, Nor do I claim to be a journalist. You will find errors in my “writings” on almost anything I do. That’s just the way it is. It’s from the heart…..That’s what matters!

So where do I start?

Jeff Sharkey – Jeff has been a blessing to me. Jeff has spent tireless hours on the phone compelling interviews for the majority of all the bios on the website.  Jeff has also helped me on some other projects on the website as well. His dedication to the CAC is stellar to none. He realizes, it is us, “young guns” that will carry the history, tradition, and the CAC into the years to come. On numerous occasions, In the early AM hours, I have called or emailed Jeff and said, I need this NOW! And within a matter of minutes, Jeff has always come through. At times I feel like I am taking advantage of Jeff by asking so much. Jeff tells me, can you give me a little more notice about this stuff? Sometimes I can and sometimes, we both realize things pop up that need immediate attention and we go to work, get the job done, and smile that we got the situation covered.

Pops – You all know him as Bob Leonard – When Bob was going through some health issues, I told him,”Your health is more important than the CAC”. That, to this day, never slowed Bob down. When I get contacted that someone has left us, be it CAC member or not, it doesn’t matter, Bob is my go to man. He has me a write up within a matter of hours for the RIP section. For someone that never put on a pair of tights( can you imaging that? Bob in tights?) He knows, and has so many contacts it is unbelievable. And his involvement in the CAC is spread all over this website.

Pops has taking so much time out of his personal life to keep the website viewer abreast to the seminars that will be at this years reunion. I’m sure the articles he has wrote has convinced some young gun to join the club and go to the reunion to pick the brain of the icons that are giving these seminars. I don’t believe Bob has mentioned in any of the articles these seminars are all FREE!!!!

Myself, I have been extremely busy in my “private life” as a Wildlife Artist. Then during my busy season, I was contacted by the local Community College to be an Instructor in the Taxidermy Course. After negotiations and contract changes, I accepted the offer they finally agreed to (CAC Reunion date was a conflict of interest, but I got what I wanted!). And am now working as a Taxidermy Instructor. My personal business was extremely successful for the “busy season”. My back log (completion dates) in my studio is well into Aug- Sept of this year. Just this past week I had a client fed-ex,over night, a item from Texas. Shipping on a frozen specimen was not cheap!

Between teaching, my own business and the CAC, my free time is minimal. But with the help of Jeff “Noodles” Sharkey and Bob “Pops” Leonard, I manage to do a decent job keeping everything going. Without them two, I don’t think I would be getting the praises I get. So when you see Jeff and Bob at the Reunion, give them a pat on the back and thank them for the contributions they often do for the CAC website.

“Sometimes old habits are hard to break” – Wes Daniel for over a year “preached to the choir” about PAYPAL. It was a hard sell! But, it was decided to give it a try. The CAC website moved into the modern day era by accepting PayPal on the website for banquet ticket purchases. Jason Deadrich, the donator of the server space for this website, technically installed a program to accept PayPal. The success of this venture? EXCELLENT!  We have had a outstanding response to this, and all indications that it will continue for years to come are a good sign. We may also offer other items for sell from time to time as well.

Speaking of the website, The lay out changed several months ago. I got several compliments on that as well. One compliment was, “I had rather watched the CAC website then the t.v.!” Thanks again to Jason D. for implementing this program we now use. My ideas was used. But it was Jason’s tech knowledge that got this accomplished.

So even though I’m the webmaster. Its just like any other organization. I’m nothing more than a spoke in the wheel that keeps this site rolling along. And I deeply appreciate and thank whole heartily the above people that has made this website and the club something members really enjoy.

I look forward to seeing you all in a matter of days as the Cauliflower Ears invade Las Vegas!


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