Morgan’s Corner 4-22-09

What a ride!

That best describes this years reunion. From the beginning to the end. What more could you ask for? Sunday started out with a wonderful Easter Service by our own Bishop Jason Sanderson. After the service we enjoyed the company of Karl Lauer, Babs and her sister at T.G.I. Fridays for a wonderful meal and wonderful fellowship. I have been accused of being Karl’s “boy”. For the record that is not true. I’m more like Karl’s grandson…

Monday saw the beginning of three days I will cherish forever.  Members started filling the room as one after another wanted their badge that would allow them access to many places over the three days. I had the honor of working with Dean Silverstone, Gloria Lovell, Jason Sanderson, Karl Lauer, Wes Daniels and many more who volunteered to work the reception table over the three days.

Monday night saw me in my Zebra shirt in which I officiated the match Between Robbie Ellis and Luke Robinson. Robbie is simply amazing at refnthe young age of 66. Luke, well look for this young stallion to be making heads turn.  This young man has “what it takes” in my book. The Show was put on by Pro Wrestling Revolution. The Locker room was very strange to be in. It seamed like everyone had worked for many years together. I was impressed with all of the talent, the way they handled themselves backstage was amazing. This is sad to say but almost unheard of in indy locker rooms. And the performance of the show speaks for it’s self.

Tuesday night saw myself and Wes doing what we do best. Trying to keep order and have the blowout run as smooth as possible. Which turned out to be very good. Yea the Sheik had his time. But what a hoot that was. Karl pulled one over on this southern kid. But as always I all ready have a check I’m gonna cash next year! So Karl be on your best behavior. Have I got a surprise for you! Myself and Jason Sanderson had the honor of recognizing BJ Race for what she has done not only with Harley but within the CAC itself. Harley and BJ are always a welcome to the CAC and their friendship to me and Annette is just amazing. Percival A. Friend had a special gift for Bishop Sanderson. He talked about the Northeast reunion Jason had last year. What Percival said was true. I was there and it was a warm welcome and a grand time by all. And I look forward to heading to N.H again this year.

Wed rolled around to what was to be the CAC’s Wrestle mania. First I want to say, if you missed this reunion and had attended before, the food at the banquet was without a doubt the “best there ever was” The Gold Coast bent over backwards and made this meal the best I have had since attending the CAC Reunion. The awards ceremony was filled with excitement. As one by one the honorees made the stage to receive their awards. Two people brought tears to my eyes as they made their acceptance speeches. Luna Vachon what a sweet and special lady. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room when she made her heart warming speech. And the President of the CAC, Nick Bockwinkel. How did we manage to pull this one off? I be damned if I know! But we did. When Nick was announced as the Iron Mike Award winner, the crowd popped like Hulk Hogan had just body slammed Andre the giant! People rose to their feet! You could’nt hear a slot machine one in Las Vegas for the cheers. Nick had deserved this award for many years. And once again Nick made the speech only Nick can make. With a crackle in his voice and tears in his eyes, Mine started leaking as well. There was only a few of us that knew that Nick would be honored. We tried valiantly to keep it under wraps with the belt makers and the chosen few that new the game plan. And was successful in accomplishing this very hard task. Congratulations Mr. President. Now you know why the First Lady was present instead of staying home to prepare for her golf tournament the next day.

And how could I write a article with out mentioning Dave, Rico and Reggie. The Artistic ability these gentleman have compare to NONE! The annual CAC belt Raffle has turned into a “most wanted” item from the members. How these three people can do what they do just simply amazes me. My hat is off to them for making yet another successful belt.

After the banquet several hung around and socialized. Later we journeyed to the bar and begin socializing even more. I had never had the honor of meeting Joyce Paustian or Darla Taylor or even Wendi Weaver. But through a unique situation that happen at the bar I found myself surrounded by these three lovely ladies. Joyce is a true sweetheart. I know now why she received the friendship award. Darla, well I would call her the life of the party. And Wendi, My Oh my. Wendi knew the bond between myself and her mom(Penny Banner) When I turned around and hugged her. My eyes started to water again. I had not got the chance to speak to Wendi till Wed night after everything was over. What a sweet young girl. So many of us CAC’ers loved Penny Banner and Wendi is just like her mom. I am proud I got the honor of meeting Wendi and hope to see her again at the reunions.

This years reunion for some reason was so special to me. I don’t know why. But it was. The work we put into these reunions is unreal. We do what we do for you!  The members. To come out and enjoy yourself. Our pay? Is the compliments the “gang” gets for pulling off a wonderful reunion. Don’t think it don’t get heated amongst the “Gang”. It does. But we all know and respect each others opinion and I honestly believe that is the back bone of this very successful organization. We all have the best interest of you, the members when we make the decissions we have to make.

The old friends. The new friends and a little Tequila. What more could top off yet one more stellar reunion?

Don’t know about you, But I’m ready for 2010 reunion to get here.

Till next…….
So long from Morgan’s Corner

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