Morgans Corner 4-12-09

Well if all goes as planned, This automatically updated while I am in Las Vegas. This fancy website program is killer but Im still learning it!

 Our plans are to arrive Sat. night and have the Limo carry us to the Riviera. Once there, the cell phones will be used and we will locate several of our dear friends we have come to know over the years. The Cauliflower Alley Club has been a venue for some great relationships that have formed for Annette and myself.

Monday, I will journey to the host Hotel, The Gold Coast Casino. I will have a room there for 3 days. As I personally feel that the Board members of the CAC should stay at the Host hotel. Even though, I will still have a room at the Riviera until the 18th. and I’m sure Annette will be adding to our comps at the Riv as well as at the Gold Coast.

Monday night will be a who’s who of wrestling as the stars of tomorrow steps into the squared circle to show the CAC legends the skills they have been gifted with. Myself, I said last year, This one time I will Ref a match. But only this one time. As my time is real limited to extra activity as my tagteam partner Wes Daniel is in charge of the Tue. & Wed. nights activities and I will be his sidekick/assistant/tagteam partner or what ever you chose to call it. But the two of us plan on pulling off another grand reunion like so many said we did in 2008.

With that said. I should have also said “Subject to change”. As I have been ask to Ref the match with Robbie Ellis as his premier trailer of “THE CANVASMAN:The Robbie Ellis Story” is shown for the very first time at the Wrestling show. I am honoreed and humbled that Robbie approved of this. This is just one of the highlights for me during the reunion.

Odds are if your reading this, you are not at the Reunion. I truly am sorry that you didn’t make it this year. You are missing a grand time! PLEASE make plans to visit us in 2010. Imagine what the anniversary reunion will be like.

Updates to the website will be minimal during the following week. As I do not own a laptop and besides, I really wouldn’t have time for any updates while at the reunion.  We will arrive back in North Carolina on April 19th. So look for updates own or after April 20th(my tagteam partner Wes, may do some updating here or at the CAC “facebook” and become a facebook friend of the CAC while your there!

To anyone submitting photos, Please hold off on sending any photos to me until April 20th. Once my email box gets full, It just dumps them and I never see them. So please help me out and hold off on send them to me until April 20th.

Till next time,

So long from Las Vegas!

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