Morgan’s corner – 3/22/09

What happen to the old website? The reunion, ramblings…

After several months of working on the “new and improved” website we finally launched it this week. Jason Deadrich, Wes Daniel and myself put tireless hours into revamping the Official CAC website. The website is not completely converted over yet. Some pages are still missing and some new ones will be added.

The reviews of the website have been good. The old site was WAY outdated. This new version will make items allot easier to update for, future people working on the site. Between Wes’s computer and my computer, the programs we was using, was causing major problems as the two for some reason was interfering with each other. This situation made it very difficult to update with the proper codes and scripts involved with updating and maintaining a website. Even on the new website, we have a few bugs to exterminate as we are working on that as well.

The reunion is right around the corner. You can still purchase your banquet tickets. We are closing in on the 300 mark all ready. And expecting a flood of reservations to be made in the coming weeks. I would like to remind everyone, Banquet tickets CAN NOT BE PURCHASED AFTER APRIL 8TH!!!! If you purchase your ticket after April 8th, We will not receive you request. The CAC offices will be closing at 5pm central time. We will be on the road to Vegas. With that said, if you purchase you ticket after April 8th, you will be required to purchase a ticket again at the banquet (providing we have room at the banquet). Once the offices open and your order has been found, your check/credit card information will be shredded / destroyed. And you will not be charged. We run into this problem every year. So please make sure your banquet reservation is in the CAC office no later than April 8th.

The bowling tournament, “Wrestlbowl I” is shaping up to be a major attraction. Thus far, 50+ people have signed up for this event with many more signing up at the event. If you have not signed up for this and would like to, Call or e-mail Dr. Ken Ramey and make your reservations!  Let him know that you want to participate in Wrestlebowl I and he’ll be happy to tell you the next step.  You can reach Dr. Ken at 318-742-6924 or 318-742-0768 or by e-mail at

Keller Entertainment Presents “The Karaoke Show with Bob Keller” will once again be back in Las Vegas doing the Karaoke show after the blowout. Bob Keller is a super fine fella. Bob’s talents with Karaoke come from his many years as a pro-wrestler. Back when I was promoting shows I had Bob work for me. For some reason he had a way of making fans become enemies! His talent in the ring ranked right at the top and his Karaoke is just the same. The CAC really appreciates Bob Keller volunteering his equipment and time for us to have even more fun at the reunion. If you ever in Columbia South Carolina and hear that Keller Entertainment is playing, you need to stop by and give him a “that-a-boy”.

I talked with the EVP, Karl Lauer. Karl told me some names of people that’s going to be at the reunion this year. I would love to give the names of these “special super stars” attending. But we do not want this to turn into a fanfare (remember, its a reunion). So I am sworn to keep my mouth shut. These superstars, Karl, and myself are the only ones that know they are coming.

New memberships are rising! I receive updates weekly form the CAC office with the list of new members. What used to be one update has turned into 2-3 updates weekly. The club continues to have a record growth even while the economy is lagging. The true wrestling fan (and worker) is finding out that the CAC is doing special things and they are all wanting to be a part of it. I would like to welcome the following to the “RING OF FRIENDSHIP”, Jared Shaprio, Summerville, S.C. Kelly Rosenow, Yakima WA, Billy & Rob Taylor, Chris Hero, MEGA MAN,  Rienzi,MS, Mark Roberts, Clarksvills, IN, Juan Villarino Winslow, AZ, Ryan Castle,Phoenix, AZ, Peter McKinn III Phoenix, Az,

Bruce Tharpe

I’m sure I missed several. However we welcome you all to the “Ring of Friendship”. I would also like to thank all of the ones that have renewed there membership as well. The club depends on the memberships to help support all the benevolent request we assist our hero’s of the squared circle in.

Next week look for a very interesting article from the lovely, Beverly Shade. Bev. is a super fine lady and is a strong supporter of the CAC.

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