Morgan’s Corner (12/16/09)

As 2009 draws near, I have been reflecting back on my career as a Professional Wrestling Referee. And what got me to where I am today. And what I am thankful for. With that said I need to Thank several. So here we go…

My Mom and Dad for allowing me, to be the only one in the family, to watch violence on TV, Saturday mornings.

Jim Crockett – Never met him! But it was Crockett Promotions that my Mom and Dad’s rabbit ears antenna (with tin foil added) that made me a true wrestling fan. So to the Crockett family I say, Thank you!

Mitch Wall, Dean Bolen, Tommy Hicks – It was the four of us that always invaded Greensboro Cols. when a wrestling match was taking place. Those where the days! We had a blast. The fun cannot be explained. You had to live it to understand it! And yes, I miss those days!

Lucy Jessup Rogers – The lady that I call Mom. That brought my lovely wife into this world. I say Thank you for having a wonderful Daughter, I have called my wife for 15 years.

Jimmy Valiant – If it wasn’t for Jimmy Valiant – You would not be reading this right now. Jimmy opened up doors for me that thousands of people only wished would open. From any kind of wrestling match to the CAC. It was Jimmy himself that opened those doors. I just walked through, looked around, liked what I saw and found a new home. So to Jimmy I say with a big heart, Thank you! Thank you for accepting me in your family and letting me live my dream!

Garry “THE MADD TRUCKER” Stevens – From promoting shows together to being “the best referee money could buy!” Until his opponent busted me up in a cage match I was Ref’n. I say Thank you Brother! We rode that lighten bolt and had a blast! Would I do it again? When you want to start!

All the Indy Stars and Legends I have had the honor of working with. What a ride!

The CAC – WOW! Where would one start? This southern kid was accepted by so many.The friendships that has formed. And every year the friends that increase. It’s simply amazing. To go from being a member, to the Board of Directors, to the Executive Board. Working closely with each other to make sure the CAC Reunion is enjoyed by so many. Thank you all for accepting this southern kid into a organization that is just a wonderful thing!

The dear friends/members of the CAC – There’s so many – I wouldn’t dare try to mention you all. I just don’t want to leave anyone out – You know who you are and to that I say thank you for being my friend!

Last, but by no means Last – The Main Event -  My wife Annette who for some reason allowed me to live a crazy life. Who lets me do what I want to do 99.9% of the time with no questions asked. For driving to a show while I slept – both going and coming back from a show. For 15 years she has put up with my “Wrestling Attitude”. And never offered to “buck the system”. It’s got to be love or good medication one! I thank you for the 15 years you have giving me and look forward to the next 15. As Jimmy Valiant say’s, “Here comes Dollar and Nickel”. I say I love ya Nickel!

Long list? It could be longer! I could have told the story about Wes Daniel using the door frame in the motel room to open up bottles of beer cause no one had a bottle opener! And we was in a suite! Still no bottle opener! But we managed to get them opened! Or the time Jason Sanderson almost gave me a Cauliflower Ear in Mobile Alabama at a wrestling show! Or at the same wrestling show Marcel Pringle telling us, “The Beers on the house”! Glad Jason had a car rental!

Until you think about it, You don’t realize how much “stuff” you have to be thankful for!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Hope to see you all in April at the 45th Ann. of the CAC,


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