Morgan’s Corner (11/24/09)

At the 2010 CAC reunion, we are planning the first ever “Worlds Largest Professional Wrestling Silent Auction”. Containing unique one of a kind items. Which leads up to this edition of Morgan’s Corner.

My donated item will be the first ever (that I know of) at any CAC Reunion. A one of a kind! The opportunity for one lucky person to step up on the stage and make CAC history! Everyone in attendance will witness one lucky person stepping up on the stage, handed a pair of scissors and (hopefully) gently cut my Ponytail and take it home with them!

Am I nuts? Am I just crazy? Or am I a true believer of the CAC and what it stands for? To answer that for you is simple. I am a true believer in the CAC and what it stands for!

What will my ponytail go for? Who knows. But every penny will go to help someone else. If it’s a Dollar so be it. If it’s $100.00 or $500.00 that would be great.

How long is my ponytail right now? Aprox. 11″ long.

How long will the ponytail be in April 2010? Take a guess!

Where will the winners money go? To help the boys of the biz that might need just a little helping hand along the way.

Why am I doing this? Several members that I am close with, knows what transpired at the bar over my ponytail in April of this year. Therefore, I have decided to do this in a way that will support something I truly believe in.

So there ya go! The first item donated to the “WORLDS LARGEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING SILENT AUCTION” will be the Almighty Dollar’s ponytail! Don’t bother rolling your pennies! Go to the bank and take out a loan. If I’m crazy enough to do this, Someone should be crazy enough to bid often and bid high!

Everyone have a fun and safe Holiday season!


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