Morgan’s Corner – 10/14/09

For the past several days I have been walking with a smile. But deep down inside I’m dealing with a great loss. A loss worse than when my mother died with cancer some 3 years ago. You see when my mother died it was just a matter of when. I had come to terms with that and just waited for things to come to a end here on earth for her. But the past few days for some reason or another, out of the blue, my eyes will began to water up and a tear will run down my cheek. As I wipe that tear away, I think of B.J Race. If you ever got to know B.J. you know the feelings I’m dealing with now. I could not even break the news to Annette, my wife. Honestly, I sent her a email at work and called her and told her to read it.

But I wanted to share a little story from this year concerning B.J.

Back around the first of the year, I called Harley up on the phone. B.J and himself was heading down the highway going to a autograph signing. I had to ask him a important question. But didn’t want B.J. to hear us. So I ask him if he was on the speaker phone. He told me he wasn’t. So, I proceeded to verify that they would be at the Reunion this year. He informed me that they would. I ask him if he knew what KAYFABE meant? He was puzzled and finally said yes. I told him to not tell B.J. a word to “KAYFABE” what I’m about to tell you. He said it depends. I told him the CAC was going to honor B.J. this year with the “Above and Beyond” award. He said to me, Morgan, KAYFABE that! HARLEY RACE telling me to KAYFABE THAT! What a hoot!

lano_bj_award1363Fast forward to the reunion. Believe it or not, I managed to catch Harley when B.J. wasn’t around. I ask him if he would like to present B.J. her award. Now people what I’m fixing to tell you shows the true character of Harley Race. And I’m not talking about the Wrestler Harley Race. I’m talking about the man Harley Race. Harley looked at me and said, NO! I was shocked! He said I had rather you and Jason Sanderson present the award to her. It would mean more to her and me if you two presented it to her. So we decided to have him come up on the stage and call her up. When she got up on the stage she ask me,”Morgan, what are they giving to him?” I looked at her dumb founded and said,”I dunno”. And when Jason started talking the more she listened the more she realized. She was set up! Bless her heart, Harley had to say thank you to the 100’s in attendance on behalf of B.J. Her eyes had watered up and she had a lump in her throat the size of a goose egg! She punched me when she got off the stage and said, “You three pulled one over on me!” Later on as they was leaving she found me, done the MOM thing, and gave me a hug and whispered to me, Morgan thanks so much, and we both love you. My friends, that was the last time I got to conversate with B.J.

So to my friends that have called and checked on me (you know who you are). My apologies for lying to you and tell’n you I was fine. I’m ok…And will be fine…. in time. Sad to say, but this aint my first rodeo.

And to my buddy Harley, If for some reason you stumble across this, I want you to know, the CAC is here for you and your family. When one hurts we all hurt. If there’s anything I or the CAC can do for you, you know how to get in touch with all of us. You and B.J. have been and will always be a special part of the CAC.


This Morgan’s Corner is dedicated to my true friend, a friend to thousands, and a true angel, B.J. Race.

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