Morgan’s Corner – 03/01/09

Well here I am with another edition of Morgan’s Corner. This week I hope to pull on your heart just a little.

As you read this, I would like for you to think about “taking things for granted”. Just in my lifetime I have seen lots of changes in this world. Changes that very seldom are considered as changes. For instants, a microwave oven. How many homes do not have a microwave oven in them? Or what about travel? Can you imagine when people first stepped on the shores of this great land? There was no roads. Nothing but nature, like will never be seen again. The struggles they had going from East to West. When they knew half of the family would never survive that ordeal. When now, we jump in a car or plane and in a matter of a few hours can be anywhere in the United States we want to be. These are a few things we have all taking for granted. But it is not where I am going this week.

Have you ever taking for granted the simple thing of extending your hand, grasping someone else’s and while shaking there hand say, How are you? Good to see you? You probably haven’t. Neither have I. Have you ever taking for granted, walking down a long hallway and halfway down you lean against the wall, just to rest? No, probably not, Neither have I. I just complained about that walk being so long.

Still yet, I have not talked about what this article this week is really about. But here goes,

Its about, now 2 1/2 years old, Jonah Borucki. Jonah was born with mild-moderate bilateral hearing loss, vision issues, hypotonia (low muscle tone), severe growth hormone defiency, genital birth defects, reflux, developmental and speech delays, and some severe allergies.

Jonah is absolutely AMAZING!!!! He has overcome so many obstacles. After 2 years of weekly therapy, Jonah’s hard work and determination have paid off. Jonah is walking independently!!! He continues to progress each day with the help of friends, family, early intervention specialists, and his wonderful medical team. Jonah teaches us life’s most important lessons. Things we “take for granted”.

Jonah is Wes Daniel’s great nephew. At various times, doctors told Jonah’s parents that he wouldn’t walk, that he wouldn’t advance and many other dire predictions. He has fought hard to overcome each of the handicaps he has been tagged with and has exceeded expectations.

The March of Dimes has been critical in his diagnosis and essential in assistance to the hospital where he has received most of his treatment.

April 26,2009 in Maumee, Ohio at the Lucas County Fairgrounds, Jonah will make a 3 mile walk to help raise money for what has brought him to the Main Event, when all hopes and dreams said it wasn’t possible. Little Jonah over came diversity and proved to us adults, He could over come.

I know that the economy is hard on all of us right now which means that it is just as hard on charitable foundations. As most of you know, Wes is very involved in the Cauliflower Alley Club; however, this year He’s also supporting the March of Dimes. And I personally am asking for your support in this. If you’re in a financial position to make a donation – even a small one of $5 – $10, It would be appreciated. And I know that it will go a long way towards helping this worthwhile organization.

To donate, and learn more about Jonah, please visit

See you all in Vegas in just a few more weeks!

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