The Real Nacho Libre

By Tom Burke

A top notch actor in Hollywood is the star in the movie, Nacho Libre which is based on CAC member, Fray Tormenta,  Fr. Sergio Gutierrez.
This last known movie based on a wrestler was when Henry Winkler (The Fonz from Happy Days TV series) was the feature actor in The One and Only, which was based on Gorgeous George.
Hollywood takes great liberty in any movie and that is seen in the of the movies mentioned above.
Fray Tormenta attended the 41st Annual CAC Reunion this was his 3 appearance at a CAC event.  He and his fellow luchadore(s) Mil Mascaras and Reuben Juarez had their own mini reunion between posing for photos and signing autographs.
Unlike the movie which has Joe Black as Brother Ignacio a cook in a orphanage who decides to earn some money to help the home by becoming a luchadore. 
The real story is that Fray Tormenta is an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Church for the last 40 years.  His ministry has been focused on kids that have been left on the edge of society in bringing them to a safe and secure home. 
The home has become a source of refuge for many youths over the last 30 decades.

Above photo of Fray Tormenta and the many young people that he has helped. Photo compliments of Tom Burke
While at CAC Fray Tormenta told me that one of his boys had just become a lawyer and another young man has been ordained to the priesthood.  Some other success stories are seen in the boys that have become  business men,  teachers,  tradesmen, health workers and more. 
I know that we get hit left and right for donations but if anyone would like to drop a few bucks to the padre they may do so by sending them in care of CAC member Joe  Quevedo,  9330 Kester Ave.,  Panaroma City,  CA  91402   No middle man, no administration costs  your $ gets right to the home.