Mr. Wrestling 3 Crowned!

wrestling3There are very few constants in the wrestling world.  Donâ??t shoot with Danny Hodge.  Only the very best could go behind Lou Thesz.  Avoid Stu Hartâ??s dungeon at all costs.  Donâ??t mess with the black and white mask of Johnny Walker, Mr. Wrestling II.

Many of us remember the disastrous attempts in the past of people donning the mask.  There was the ill-conceived idea of making Mike Bond Mr. Wrestling III in Florida (for which Mr. Bond was promptly set upon and soundly thrashed by II) and the famous Mr. Wrestling II vs. Mr. Wrestling II feud in Georgia; but, until now, nobody has had the permission of II to carry on the black and white tradition.

On October 13, Mr. Wrestling II made his successful return to the ring.  Mr. Wrestling II (who, rumor has it is 74 years young) and his protégé, Mr. Wrestling 3 made quite the outstanding combination as is evidenced by the fact that they defeated Manu Samoa (Ativalu and Ete) for the HCW Kekaulike World Tag Team Titles! 

For many fans in the 1970â??s and 1980â??s, the question always existed of who was behind the mask.  Of course, those who had followed the career of Walker knew, but others were completely in doubt.  Similarly, fans for quite some time will likely wonder who is under the mask as 3.

In ENTIRELY unrelated news, it has come to the attention of this reporter that Superstar â??King of Old Schoolâ? Steve Corino will be retiring from mat wars on December 28.  Steve seems awfully young to be leaving the ring for good, but, only Steve knows the reasons why!

Rumor has it that Walker, Corino, Wrestling II and Wrestling 3 are planning on attending Juneâ??s CAC Reunion in Las Vegas.  Fans of the black and white mask who donâ??t live in Hawaii will have to wait for this opportunity to learn the truth behind the masks!