The Board of Directors has approved the amalgamation of two of CAC’s major awards, effective with the 2012 reunion.  This step has been taken because the original mandate of one of the awards has been fulfilled.
The Lou Thesz Award was instituted in 2004, in memory of the great champion who served as President of CAC from 1992 to 2000.  It was intended as a relatively short-term award as Lou himself, before his death in 2002, designated a half-dozen individuals to be honored.  They were men who, in Lou’s very knowledgeable estimation, epitomized great wrestling skills and traditions and brought credit to the wrestling profession.  The award was bestowed on an additional two occasions, the most recent honoree being former AWA world champion Rick Martel in 2011.

Art Abrams was the co-founder, with Mike Mazurki, of the Cauliflower Alley Club in 1965.  He served as Executive Vice-President for the club’s first 25 years, until his death.  The Lifetime Achievement Award in his name was established in 1997, with leading ladies’ star Penny Banner selected as the inaurgural recipient.  It has been bestowed on 15 occasions, the most recent on Mick Foley in 2011.

The Board wished to continue CAC’s recognition of Thesz in a broader context, and therefore decided to extend Lifetime Achievement recognition in his name.  Thus, the Lou Thesz Lifetime Achievement Award will be given for the first time at the upcoming reunion. 
As noted elsewhere on the website, nominations are now open for this and other awards for 2012.  If you’re nominating someone, please be sure to contact that person in advance and provide all requested information on the nomination form. 

President Nick Boxkwinkel with Past President Lou Thesz

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