2017 CAC Reunion

The Cauliflower Alley Club will present its 52nd Reunion on May 1-3, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.  It will be a great week full of wonderful memories.  To that end, the CAC will continue its tradition of honoring the very best in professional wrestling, boxing, and the silver screen.

Note: Award nominees subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.

2017 CAC Reunion photo gallery

2017 CAC Iron Mike Award

Tully Blanchard
Read more about Mr. Blanchard here.
Listen to Mr. Blanchard’s appearance on CAC Radio here.


2017 CAC Lou Thesz / Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award


Kevin Von Erich
Read more about Mr. Von Erich here.


2017 CAC Men’s Wrestling Award


“The Tokyo Monster” Kahagas
Read more about Kahagas here.


2017 CAC Men’s Wrestling Award


“The Cuban Assassin” David Sierra
Read more about the Cuban Assassin here.


2017 CAC Women’s Wrestling Award


The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and Matt Cimber (creator/director)
Read more about the GLOW girls here.


2017 CAC James Melby Historian Award


Dave Meltzer
Read more about Mr. Meltzer here.
Listen to Mr. Meltzer’s appearance on CAC Radio here.


2017 CAC Charlie Smith Referee’s Award


Bobby Simmons
Read more about Mr. Simmons here.