List of CAC Award Winners

A full list of the individuals honored by the Cauliflower Alley Club:


The Iron Mike Award: Terry Taylor

The Lou Thesz Lifetime Acheivement Award: Michael P.S. Hayes

Trainers Award (1st ever): Ron Hutchison

Men’s Wrestling award: Dan “Short Sleeve” Sampson, Adam Pearce

Men’s Wrestling (Retired) Award:Buddha Khan

Ladies Wrestling Award: Melissa Anderson

Ladies Wrestling (Retired) Award: Debbie Pelletier

Future Legend Award: Announced in June 2014

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Sean Dunster

Red Bastien Friendship Award: John Arthur Lowe

Golden Ear Award: Announced in June 2014


The Iron Mike Award: “Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff

The Lou Thesz Lifetime Acheivement Award: Bill Moody

James C. Melby Historian Award:  George Schire

Men’s Wrestling award: Jake Roberts, Matt Riviera, Adam Copeland (unable to attend in 2011 due to an injury)

Future Legend Award: Bobby Sharp

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Ken Jugan

Ladies Wrestling Award: Molly Holly, Sandy Partlow

Golden Ear Award: David Cantu


The Iron Mike Award: Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Wendi Richter

The Lou Thesz Award: Ricky Steamboat

Red Bastien Friendship Award:  Brian Westcott

Men’s Wrestling award: Michelle Starr, Mike Webster, Bill DeMott

Future Legend Award: Kyle Matthews

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award: Al Burke

Ladies Wrestling Award: Judy Martin, “Ivory” Lisa Moretti

REEL Award: Dan Haggerty Grizzly Adams

Special Presentations: Announcers Award Bill Kersten


The Iron Mike Award: Sgt. Slaughter

The Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Mick Foley

The Lou Thesz Award: Rick Martel

Men’s Wrestling (Retired) Award: Dan Kroffat, Alex Knight

Men’s Wrestling (Active) Award: The Honky Tonk Man

Women’s Wrestling (Retired) Award: Darling Dagmar, Rockin’ Robin

Women’s Wrestling (Active) Award: Awesome Kong

The Red Bastien Friendship Award: Darla Taylor Staggs

Posthumous Award: Michel Martel

Manager’s Award: Bruno Lauer

International Award: Pat Barrett

Family Award: Tommy, Doug, and Eddie Gilbert

The James C. Melby Historian Award: Tom Burke

Future Legend Award: Kyle Sebastian


Art Abrams Award: Jim Ross

Lou Thesz Award: Dan Severn

Iron Mike Award: Ted DiBiase

Womens Wrestling Award: Joyce Grable

Men’s Wrestling Award: Dean Higuchi, Rip Hawk, Roger Kirby

REEL Award: Magic Schwarz

International Award: Pat Barrett

Red Bastien Friendship Award: Vince Fahey

Posthumous Award: Lee Fields, George Scrap Iron Gadaski

James C. Melby Award: Vance Nevada

Future Legend Award: Oliver John

Jason Sanderson Award: Yvonne Melcher

Golden Ear Award: Tom Andrew

Master of Ceremony: J.J. Dillon, Terry Funk


Master of Ceremonies for the 2009 CAC Banquet:J.J. Dillon

Red Bastien Friendship Award: Shuhei Aoki

Men’s Wrestling: The Cormier Family, Art Crews, Akio Sato, Bill Sky

Posthumous Award: George Gordienko, Eddie Sullivan

Ladies Wrestling: Princess Jasmine, Luna Vachon

Future Legend: Trevor Murdoch

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Reggie Parks

Iron Mike Award: Nick Bockwinkel

Lou Thesz Award: Bob Roop

James C. Melby Historian Award: Stephen Yohe

Note that Bill Bowman and Princess Jasmine were honored in absentia due to severe health issues


Posthumous Award: Orville Brown

Men’s Wrestling: Haruka Eigen, Ronnie Garvin, The Wrestling Guerreros, Paul “Butcher” Vachon

Iron Mike Award: Bret Hart

Future Legend: Ricky Landell

Ladies Wrestling: Betty Niccoli

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Pat Patterson

Red Bastien Friendship Award: Joyce Paustian

James C. Melby Historian Award: Scott Teal

Lou Thesz Award: Steve Williams


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Don Leo Jonathan

Lou Thesz Award: Danny Hodge

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Bob Geigel

Posthumous Award: Yukon Eric and Betty Joe Hawkins

Future Legend Award: Takeshi Morishima

Scholarship Award Winners: Frankie Buenafuente

Reel Member Inductees: Rock Riddle

Other honorees included J.J. Dillon, Tito Carreon, Duke Myers, Bob Leonard, Cowboy Bob Kelly and Laura Martinez.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Harley Race

Lou Thesz Award: Verne Gagne

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Eddie Sharkey

Posthumous Award: Bobby Shane and Vivian Vachon

Future Legend Award: Mariko Yoshida

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Karl Roach and Skandar Akbar

Martial Arts Honorees: Mike Martelle

Other honorees included Killer Tim Brooks, Scott Casey, Mil Máscaras, Pepper Martin and Bill White.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Terry Funk

Lou Thesz Award: Jack Brisco

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Les Thatcher

Future Legend Award: Frankie Kazarian

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Exotic Adrian Street

Other honorees included Ernie Ladd, Kenny Jay, Danielle Colley, Paul Christy & Miss Bunny Love and Sir Oliver Humperdink.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

Lou Thesz Award: Antonio Inoki

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Danny Hodge

Posthumous Award: Wild Bull Curry

Future Legend Award: “Cheerleader” Melissa Anderson

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Don Fargo

Other honorees included Bill Melby, Billy Darnell, Sandy Parker, “Playboy” Buddy Rose, Ed Wiskoski, Margaret Garcia, George Steele, Baron Von Raschke, Ann Casey, Percival Friend, Moondog Ed Moretti, Paul Jones, Lester Welch, Charlie Smith and Omar Atlas.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Angelo Savoldi

Posthumous Award: Rhonda Singh

Future Legend Award: Steve Fender

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Bob Roop

Other honorees included Verne Bottoms, Bill Moody, Percival Pringle III, Tom Andrews, Buddy Colt, Buddy Roberts, Tito Montez, Bruce Swayze, Moose Morowski and Don Leo Jonathan.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Walter “Killer” Kowalski

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Mike Chapman

Posthumous Award: Nell Stewart and Hercules Cortez

Future Legend Award: Chris Benoit

Scholarship Award Winners: Nick Ackerman

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: The Fields Brothers

Reel Member Inductees: Alan Koss

Martial Arts Honorees: Juan Hernandez

Other honorees included Ox Baker, B. Brian Blair, Judy Grable, Maria DeLeon, Mr. Wrestling, Jimmy Valiant and Fray Tormenta.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Stu Hart

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Ted Lewin

Future Legend Award: Donovan Morgan

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Corsica Joe and Sarah Lee

Reel Member Inductees: Roddy Piper, Mimi Lesseos and Don Stroud

Martial Arts Honorees: Gokor Chivichyan

Boxing Honorees: Richard Sandoval, Cornelius Boza Edwards, Jose Flores and Paul Banke

Other honorees included Rita Cortez, George Scott, Reggie Parks, Norman Fredrick Charles III, Kay Noble, Marie & Ann LaVerne, Pampero Firpo, Bill Watts and Jack Laskin.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Ray “Thunder” Stern

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Fr. Bill Olivas

Future Legend Award: Kurt Angle

Gulf Coast/CAC Honorees: Sputnik Monroe

Reel Member Inductees: Stan Shaw, Tommy “Butch” Bond, Joe Don Baker, Joe Roselius, Marion Ross and Robert Forster.

Boxing Honorees: Gene Fullmer, Eddie Futch, Willie Bean, Maurice “Dub” Harris, Andy Price and Russell G. Rodriguez

Other honorees included Gene Stanlee, The Crusher, Titi Paris, Ethel Brown, Billy Andersen, Natasha the Hatchet Lady, Beverly Shade, Stan Kowalski, Stan Pulaski and Fritz Von Goering.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Jesse “The Body” Ventura

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Dan Gable

Other honorees included Ken Patera, Jack Donovan and Bob Geigel.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Lou Thesz

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: William Papas

Scholarship Award Winners: Billy Pappas

Other honorees included Danny Hodge, Fred Blassie, Dory Funk, Jr. and Dan Severn


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Tom Drake

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award: Penny Banner

Reel Member Inductees: Elliott Gould, Tommy Sands and Terry Moore

Boxing Honorees: Don Fraser, Lou Filippo and Robert Salazar

Other honorees included:

Elizabeth, New Jersey (October 11): Sika Anoa’i, Ted Lewin, Donn Lewin, The Fabulous Moolah, Jimmy Valiant, Jim Cornette, Diamond Lil, The Destroyer, The Dudley Boyz, Devon Storm and Georgiann Makropoulos.

Studio City, California (March 15): Tony Borne, Don Curtis, Tom Drake, Dan Manoukian, Steve Rickard and Jim White.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Dick Beyer

Scholarship Award Winners: Gordy Morgan and Marty Morgan

Reel Member Inductees: Lawrence Tierney, Fred Williamson, Denver Pyle, Beverly Garland, Norm Crosby and John T. Smith.

Boxing Honorees: Chuck Wepner

Other honorees included:

Tampa, Florida (October 26): Angelo Poffo, Bonnie Watson, Judy Glover, Jack & Jerry Brisco, Carl Engstrom, Wahoo McDaniel, Gordon Solie and Molly McShane.

Elizabeth, New Jersey (October 5): Vince McMahon, Vince McMahon,Sr., Jimmy Snuka and Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Studio City, California (March 16): Stan Hansen, Nelson Royal, Art Michalik, Stan Stasiak, Larry Zbyszko, Angelo Mosca, Seiji Sakaguchi, Masami Yoshida, Chigusa Nagayo, Bobby Heenan, Baron Von Raschke and Antonio Inoki.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Gene LeBell

Reel Member Inductees: Binnie Barnes, Marie Windsor, Jan Merlin and John Saxton

Martial Arts Honorees: Benny Urquidez and Mimi Lessos

Boxing Honorees: Gabriel Ruelas and Rafael Ruelas

Other honorees included:
Elizabeth, New Jersey (September 30): Angelo Savoldi, Capt. Lou Albano, Abe Coleman, Gloria Barratini, Millie Stafford, Pat Patterson, Johnny Rodz and The Public Enemy.
Studio City, California (March 8): Tiger Conway, Sr., Leo Garibaldi, Sue Sexton, Dave Levin, Ray Stevens, The Sheik and Buddy Lee.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Vic Christy

Reel Member Inductees: Harry Carey, Jr.

Boxing Honorees: Lou Bogash, Joe Graziano, Lou Couture, Jocko V. Ananian, Micky Finn, Tom McNeely, Harol Gomes, Willie Pep, Carmen Basilio and Vincent Pazienza

Other honorees included:

Springfield, Massachusetts (October 1): Gorilla Monsoon, Pedro Morales, Brittany Brown, Candi Devine, Arnold Skaaland, Jackie Nichols, Karl Von Hess, Ilio DiPaolo and Kitty Adams.

Studio City, California (March 19): Dick Hutton, Billy Robinson, Stuart McCullum, Al Costello, Peggy Allen, Sherri Martel, Ed Francis and Sue Green.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Hard Boiled Haggerty

Scholarship Award Winners: Nick Cline and Mike Bresnan

Reel Member Inductees: John Agar, Guy Madison, John Phillip Law and Will Hutchins.

Boxing Honorees: Genaro (Chicanito) Hernandez, Zacky Padilla, Oscar De La Hoya, Mike Witowich, Chuck Bodak, Jerry Moore, Petey Servin and Jerry Quarry

Other honorees included Verne Gagne, “Cowboy” Bob Ellis, Kinji Shibuya, Wendi Richter, Barbi Dahl and Peggy Patterson.


Iron Mike Mazurki Award: Woody Strode

Reel Member Inductees: Woody Strode

Boxing Honorees: Clarence Henry, Fabela Chavez, Jimmy Roybal, Jimmy Casino and Dave Maier

Other honorees included Maurice Vachon, Hard Boiled Haggerty, Rey Urbano, Johnny James, Gene Kiniski, Pepper Gomez, Penny Banner, Debbie Combs, Belle Starr, Donna Christantello and Diamond Lil.

Awards to Honorees from 1995 to present:

Iron Mike Award:  
2014 Terry Taylor
2013 Ivan Koloff
2012 ”Stone Cold” Steve Austin
2011 Sgt. Slaughter
2010 Ted DiBiase
2009 Nick Bockwinkel
2008 Bret Hart
2007 Don Leo Jonathan
2006 Harley Race
2005 Terry Funk
2004 Bobby Heenan
2003 Maurice Mad Dog Vachon
2002 Walter Killer Kowalski
2001 Stu Hart
2000 Ray Stern
1999 Jesse Ventura
1998 Lou Thesz
1997 Tom Drake
1996 Dick The Destroyer Beyer
1995 Gene LeBell

Lou Thesz Award:  
2014 Michael P.S. Hayes
2013 Bill Moody “Paul Bearer”
2012 Ricky Steamboat
2011 Rick Martel
2010 Dan Severn
2009 Bob Roop
2008 Steve Williams
2007 Danny Hodge
2006 Verne Gagne
2005 Jack Brisco
2004 Antonio Inoki (First recipient of this award)

Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement:  
2012 Wendi Richter
2011 Mick Foley
2010 Jim “JR” Ross
2009 Reggie Parks
2008 Pat Patterson
2007 Bob Geigel
2006 Eddie Sharky
2005 Les Thatcher
2004 Danny Hodge
2003 Angelo Savoldi
2002 Mike Chapman
2001 Ted Lewin
2000 Father Bill Olivas
1999 Dan Gable
1998 William Pappas
1997 Penny Banner

Red Bastien Friendship Award:
2014 John Arthur Lowe
2012 Brian Westcott
2011 Darla Taylor
2010 Vince Fahey
2009 Shuhei Aoki
2008 Joyce Paustian
2007 Diane Devine

Men’s Wrestling award:
2014 Adam Pearce, Dan “Short Sleeve” Sampson, Buddha Khan
2013 Jake Roberts, Matt Riviera
2012 Michelle Starr, Mike Webster, Bill DeMott
2011 Dan Kroffat, Alex Knight, Honky Tonk Man, Adam Copeland”Edge”
2010 Dean Ho, Rip Hawk, Roger Kirby
2009 Bill Sky Bowman, The Cormiers, Art Crews, Akio Sato  2008 Haruka Eigen, Ronnie Garvin, The Wrestling Guerreros, Paul Butcher Vachon
2007 Tito Carreon, JJ Dillon, Bob Kelly, Bob Leonard (Non-Combatant), Duke Myers,
2006 Killer Tim Brooks, Cowboy Scott Casey, Pepper Martin, Mil Mascaras, Dr. Ken Ramey, Bill White
2005 Paul Christy, Sir Oliver Humperdink, Kenny Jay, Ernie Ladd
2004 Omar Atlas, Billy Darnell, Percival A. Friend, Paul Jones, Bill Melby, Moondog Ed Moretti, Baron Von Raschke, Playboy Buddy Rose, Charlie Smith, George The Animal Steele, Lester Welch, Ed Wiskoski
2003 Tom Andrews, Buddy Colt, Don Leo Jonathan, Tito Montez, Moose Morowski, Percival Pringle III, Buddy Roberts, Bruce Swayze
2002 Ox Baker, B. Brian Blair, Fray Tormenta, Tim Woods, Jimmy Valiant
2001 Norman Frederick Charles, Pampero Firpo, Jack Laskin, Reggie Parks, George Scott, Bill Watts
2000 Billy Anderson, Stan Kowalski, Reggie Crusher Lisowski, Stan Pulaski, Gene Stanlee, Fritz Von Goering
1999 Gene Anderson, Jack Donovan, Bob Geigel, Ken Patera,
1998 Art Abrams, Fred Blassie, Dory Funk Jr., Danny Hodge, Dan Severn
1997 Jim White, Devon Storm, Steve Rickard, Dan Manoukian, Donn Lewin, Ted Lewin, Dick Dudley, Devon Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley, Don Curtis, Jim Cornette, Tiger Conway, Jr., Tiger Conway, Sr., Tony Borne, Dick Beyer, Sika Anoai
1996 Jack Brisco, Jerry Brisco, Cal Engstrom, Stan Hansen, Bobby Heenan, Antonio Inoki, Angelo Mosca, Angelo Poffo, Nelson Royal, Seiji Sakaguchi, Larry The Great Malenko Simon, Jimmy Snuka, Gordon Solie, Stan Stasiak, George Steele, Milo Steinborn, Baron Von Raschke, Larry Zbyszko

Ladies Wrestling Award :  
2014 Melissa Anderson, Debbie Pelletier
2013 Molly Holly, Sandy Partlow
2012 Judy Martin, Ivory Lisa Moretti
2011 Rockin Robin, Darling Dagmar, Amazing Kong
2010 Joyce Grable
2009 Princess Jasmine, Luna Vachon
2008 Betty Niccoli
2007 Laura Martinez
2006 Jessica Rogers
2005 Miss Bunny Love
2004 Ann Casey, Margaret Garcia, Sandy Parker
2003 Verne Bottoms
2002 Maria DeLeon, Judy Grable
2001 Rita Cortez, Ann LaVerne, Kay Noble,
2000 Ethel Brown, Natasha the Hatchet Lady, Titi Paris, Beverly Shade
1997 Diamond Lil (Kate Glass), Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison), Ella Waldek
1996 Judy Glover, Molly McShane, Chigusa Nagayo, Ella Waldek, Bonnie Watson, Masami Yoshida

Future Legend Award:  
2014 Announced in June 2014
2013 Bobby Sharp
2012 Kyle Matthews
2011 Kyle Sebastian
2010 Oliver John
2009 Trevor Murdoch
2008 Ricky Landell
2007 Takeshi Morishima
2006 Mariko Yoshida
2005 Frankie Kazarian
2004 Melissa Anderson
2003 Steve Fender
2002 Chris Benoit
2001 Donovan Morgan
2000 Kurt Angle (First recipient of this award)

Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award:  
2014 Sean Dunster
2013 Ken Jugan
2012 Al Burke
2011 Lisa Haynes
2010 Yvonne Melcher(First recipient of this award)

Trainers Award:
2014 Ron Hutchison

James C. Melby Historian Award :
2013 George Schire
2011 Tom Burke
2010 Vance Nevada
2009 Steve Yohe
2008 Scott Teal (First recipient of this award)

Golden Ear award :  
2014 Announced in June 2014
2013 David Cantu
2011 Jack Armstrong
2010 Tom Andrew

Posthumous Award :
2011 Michel Martel
2010 George Gadaski, Lee Fields
2009 George Gordienko, Eddie Sullivan
2008 Orville Brown
2007 Betty Jo Hawkins, Yukon Eric Holmback
2006 Bobby Shane, Vivian Vachon
2004 Bull Curry
2003 Rhonda Singh
2002 Hercules Cortez, Nell Stewart

REEL Award :  
2012 Dan Haggerty Grizzly Adams
2010 Magic Schwarz
2007 Rock Riddle
2002 Alan Koss
2001 Mimi Lesseos, Roddy Piper
2000 Don Stroud
1997 Tommy Butch Bond, Stan Shaw
1996 Joe Don Baker, Robert Forster, John Roselius, Marion Ross
1995 Binnie Barnes, Marie Windsor, Jan Merlin and John Saxton

Boxing / Martial Arts Award :  
2006 Mike Martelle (Martial Arts)
2002 Juan Hernandez (Martial Arts)
2001 Paul Banke (Boxing), Cornelius Boza-Edwards (Boxing), Gokor Chivichyan (Martial Arts), Jose Flores (Boxing), Richard Sandoval (Boxing)
2000 Gene Fullmer (Boxing), Eddie Futch (Boxing)
1999 Rocky Marciano (Boxing)
1997 Willie Bean (Boxing), Maurice Dub Harris (Boxing)
1996 Lou Filippo, Don Fraser, Robert Salazar
1995 Benny Urquidez and Mimi Lessos 1995 Gabriel Ruelas and Rafael Ruelas

Special Presentations:
2012 Announcers Award  Bill Kersten
2011 Family Award  The Gilberts
2010 International Award Pat Barrett
2009 BJ Race, Dean & Ruth Silverstone
2005 The Orton Family, John Tolos
2004 Nick Ackerman
2003 Johnny Valentine
2000 The Dusek Family Riot Squad
1997 Curt Hennig, Larry Hennig, Dean Silverstone
1996 Art Abrams, Paul Anderson, Art Michalik

Other honorees included:
Elizabeth, New Jersey (September 30): Angelo Savoldi, Capt. Lou Albano, Abe Coleman, Gloria Barratini, Millie Stafford, Pat Patterson, Johnny Rodz and The Public Enemy.
Studio City, California (March 8): Tiger Conway, Sr., Leo Garibaldi, Sue Sexton, Dave Levin, Ray Stevens, The Sheik and Buddy Lee.

Scholarship Award :
2010 Trevor K. Lauer
2007 Frankie Buenafuente
2002 Nick Ackerman
1998 Billy Pappas
1996 Grady Morgan, Matt Morgan