Letter From EVP Karl K. Lauer

Only a week away!

We will be leaving here on Wednesday the 14th for sunny and warm Las Vegas, I am still getting calls for the late ones or those who just cleared their schedule to be able to come. Even though it is a real pain in the pin feathers when people wait till the last few days to order their banquet ticket and decide to come, we always make every effort to get them in, have always been able to do so, but not so with the hotel, when they fill up your out.

We have some members staying elsewhere at a much higher price, unless your a high roller from our Riviera days and get a freebie. If you have not booked your room, call the Gold Coast, they have cancellations all the time and may get you in.

This year is looking to be one of the best ever, there are so many of the “boys” coming that we are not advertising names, as to fear missing some of them. Our web master has wet your whistle with a few names, and Jim Ross let the cat out of the bag about S.A., not South America, and we still do not know who WWE is sending. Monday night should be a lot of fun with the old format from the Studio City days of open mic and stories plus a professional comedian, if you have never heard Hank Garrett,your in for a real treat. He had the PWHF gang holding their sides last year.

You can expect some funny stories from Magic Schwarz, Terry Funk, J J Dillon, Sir Oliver Humperdink, and Roger Kirby. It won’t start till 7:30 PM so you can check out the other restaurants in the hotel. The buffet is very good and inexpensive, Dean Silverstone said the Chinese was the best he EVER ate, and he is one hard dude to please. The steak house is fantastic, cost a little more then Micky D’s but a 5 star dining place. Guys impress your lady with a fantastic meal.

This year we will also have a record number of first timers, and will be close to the 500 mark, still may hit it with my, “sorry I did not know it was this month” bunch.

In a few days look for a personal message, here on the Official CAC website, from the President of the CAC, Nicky Bockwinkel

Have a great and safe trip, bring money! Morgan is looking for someone to buy his ice cream this year.

See you on the 19th.

Karl Lauer
Executive Vice President (a fancy name for – Janitor)


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