It was the swerve of the year. Nick Bockwinkel receives Iron Mike Award

It was the swerve of the year. The response was louder then when Hulk Hogan body slammed Andre!

As Nick Bockwinkel was totally surprised at being the recipient of the Iron Mike Award.

This had been planned for along time. Only a very chosen few was aware of this. As the President was wondering why his wife chose to come Ncik Bockwinkel receives the Iron Mike Awardto the banquet, as she had a golf tournament scheduled the following day and usually prepares the night before. As the award before Nicks was presented I walked across the front of the stage and gentle picked up the custom belt and carried it to Dave Millican at which time he removed from his pocket the golden plate with Nicks likeness on it and replaced the question marked plate to reveal the Iron Mike winner. But the Bock never figured out what was going on. As he came to the stage and stepped in front of the microphone to give his acceptance speech as only the Bock does. This time it was different. The words used was understood by everyone. As the crowd stood from their seats and began to clap, the Bocks voice began to tremble as he spoke these most respected words, “Warren Bockwinkel would be proud”. When those words was spoken not a dry eye in the crowd could be found.

Nick, Congratulations my friend. And yes, Warren would be proud!

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