Dr. Eric Goldenberg was the happy winner, a broad smile painting his face as he stood alongside Iron Mike honoree Bret Hitman Hart with the 2008 CAC belt..

Amazing Kong, who along with her crew of lady wrestlers will be selling raffle tickets again this year, was the most surprised person in the house when her own ticket was drawn for the 2009 CAC belt.

Now, the looming big question is, who among us will take home the glittering 2010 CAC â??Sapphire Event belt at the wind-up of this years reunion on Wednesday, April 21

The 2010 Sapphire Event Belt design sketch, with Ted DiBiases?Million Dollar Belt a sparkling part of the main plate.

You wont know, and more importantly you wont have a chance to be the winner of the belt, unless youre there in person.which is another way of saying theres one more good reason to attend this years reunion on April 19-21, at the Gold Coast Hotel in dazzling Las Vegas.

From left, Rico Mann, Dave Millican, Bret HitmanHart and Dr. Eric Goldenberg.

The CAC belt and the raffle to determine wholl take it home have become traditions at the reunion, and its all for a great cause. Every single dollar raised by the raffle goes into CACs Benevolent Fund, created to financially assist members who have suffered severe medical problems that cause serious financial hardship. While the Clubs support must be limited, it helps to remove some of the pressure of medical costs in a time of need.

The driving force behind this effort comes from three dedicated members: Reggie Parks, the long-time King of Belts, Rico Mann, and Dave Millican.

The trio are the worlds premier designers and makers of championship belts for wrestling, boxing, MMA and many other sports, show business stars such as Madonna, and business and corporate clients of all kinds. Theyre always busy with this enterprise, and the demand for their unique creations grows continually.

From left, Dave Millican, Rico Mann, Amazing Kong and Reggie Parks.

But in the midst of all this, Reggie, Rico and Dave take many hours out of their busy lives each year to create a one-of-a-kind portrait belt, enshrining the years wrestling honorees. They present this belt to the Club at no cost free gratis to raise dollars for the Benevolent Fund.

We couldnt do it without Reggie, Rico and Daves generosity! And we couldnt do it without you, the members, buying your raffle tickets at the reunion  just $20.00 for a long arms length of tickets — from our lovely ladies of the ring.

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