Eric Caidin passes away this morning

It is with a heavy heart that the Cauliflower Alley Club announces the passing of long-time club supporter Eric Caidin.  Eric passed away this morning from a heart attack.

Eric was a member of the CAC for well over 20 years and he has been a vendor EVERY year since the club reunions have been held in Las Vegas, NV.  Eric owned the well-known Hollywood Book and Poster Company in Hollywood, CA and was always very generous providing the club with photos and videos of historical wrestlers.

Eric was also involved with Jeff Walton for years promoting professional wrestling in the Southern California area.

Rest in peace, our friend.  We send condolences to all of his friends and family as well.

Note: Photo courtesy of Jessie Lilley Campbell.

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3 Responses to “Eric Caidin passes away this morning”

  1. Dan Westbrook May 21, 2015 at 11:07 pm

    Eric was a good friend, down to earth human being and great supporter of pro wrestling.
    He was a friend to all and had many pastimes (film,fantasy,wrestling, etc) and an expert and well known in each field. With Deepest Condolances…

  2. James L. Sutton May 27, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    Was sad to hear the passing of Eric , we both were Dealers in the Movie Poster World Eric was always ready to go anywhere for a movie poster show . Eric was always square with us, and we always had a good time when he was around. Eric was a big wrestling fan and also a manager and we enjoyed meeting Jimmy Hart in his store one time. Rest in peace Eric in the big poster warehouse in the sky.
    James and Donna Sutton

  3. Eric was one of our greatest brother SoCal wrestling historians going back to the great 60’s Cal Eaton promotional days at the Olympic Auditorium, but so much more than that in other fields. As much as he was respected in our “world” of the biz, he was even more of a legend in genre film, specifically cult films, horror, Santo movies and mucho mas. Directors like Quinton Tarantino and Roberto Rodriguez frequented his Hollywood Book and Poster store at both it’s HWood Blvd locations and gave him parts in a few of their films. And that store was incredible. Eric had everything you might want related to off-beat tv and film, comic books, trading cards, photos, lobby cards, the works. Just a great friend to us all for decades.

    Dr Mike