Enshrine “The Destroyer” Into the WWE Hall of Fame

CAC honoree Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer is a sports icon, a former world champion as the dastardly Dr. X, and an integral player in the relationship between the worlds of US and Japanese wrestling that has extended for generations. A 1963 bout with Rikidozan, the father of Japanese pro wrestling, was responsible for one of the biggest ratings in the history of television when 70 million people tuned in to watch. He was also a recording artist and starred in an award winning television variety show that ranked in the Japanese top for over five years, paving the way for Americans across the entertainment and sports spectrum to become “Big in Japan”.

The man behind the mask, Dick Beyer, is a living legend of Western New York in his own right as a former Syracuse football player and a beloved school teacher and coach. ?The WWE Hall of Fame is the most well known professional wrestling hall of fame and it has enshrined many stars who created their legends both inside and outside of the promotion. Dick “The Destroyer” Beyer, 86, is one of the last living major wrestling stars of his era. His legacy can be witnessed in the ongoing exchange between American and Japanese wrestling talent and the myriad of masked wrestlers who followed in his footsteps all over the world.

Sign the petition here to support his enshrinement into the WWE Hall of Fame!

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One Response to “Enshrine “The Destroyer” Into the WWE Hall of Fame”

  1. He is the wrestler who contributed most of the Japanese mat. And He is the wrestler who is the most famous in Japan.The Japanese still talks about the game of him and Mr.Rikidouzan as a legend.He still contributes to the interchange with Japanese children and American children through wrestling.And the results of the professional wrestling in his United States are splendid, too.I pray for his receiving a prize.