Cowboy Bob Ellis Makes Plans For 2013!

Had a good talk with the legendary “Cowboy” Bob Ellis recently. The inventor of the bulldog move and most famously remembered as the first Cowboy wrestler.

Cowboy Ellis said, “At my age (83) it’s hard to plan this far ahead. But with health permitting, I would love to come to the reunion and catch up with the boys & girls.”

I contacted Cowboy Bob Kelly about Ellis making plans to attend the reunion and Kelly was excited,

“Cowboy Ellis is the reason I got into wrestling. When I was a kid, I used to watch him wrestle and thought, you know I would love to do what he’s doing…and the rest is history. I got my name from him, the bulldog move from him, even the “Cowboy” name. I can’t wait till April. I will thoroughly enjoy seeing Ellis again.”

Jimmy Valiant respond of this news as well:

“This is great news! Back in the 70’s Cowboy and myself had a wild and crazy fued. He finally defeated me for the WWA belt. I always enjoyed working with him. He is the only man I know that would go around and sell his black & white photos and sold enough of them to buy a brand new Cadillac! He was that over with the fans. If Ellis is there you can bank on me being there! Go ahead and tell everyone, Jimmy Valiant WILL be at the 2013 reunion. Oh brother, I can’t wait to see Ellis, this is great news!”

Just a quick search revealed a rather stellar career of Ellis’:

Co-holder of the WWWF United States Tag Team Title (1962) w/ Johnny Valentine
Co-holder of the NWA United States Tag Team Title (1962) w/ Eddie Graham
NWA Southern Heavyweight Title (1964) defeated Bob Orton Sr.
Co-holder of the WWA World Tag Team Title (1964) w/ Edouard Carpentier
WWA World Heavyweight Title (1964) (CA) defeated The Destroyer
A two-time WWA World Heavyweight Champion (IN)
-Defeated Baron Von Raschke (1973)            
-Defeated Jimmy Valiant (1974)
WWC North American Heavyweight Title (1976) defeated Carlos Colon

The CAC looks forward to Cowboy Bob Ellis making his trip to the 2013 CAC Reunion.

If you would like to learn more about Cowboy Bob, visit the official Cowboy Bob Ellis website at

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