Congratulations to Tom Simon!

CAC member Tom Simon, shown here interviewing the one-and-only Rock Riddle, received some exciting news recently.  Tom shared the following on his Facebook page:

Well, I got some great news today. I have been talking to some folks from the Arkansas Travelers and we have agreed on a date for my next adventure in life. During all my careers, musical and otherwise, I have never sung the National Anthem at a sporting event. I’ve played in bands and know the tune very well. But on Tuesday, August 25th, I will be performing the Star Spangled Banner at the Arkansas Travelers game.

For those who want tickets, I will be able to get a few but the price can’t be beat for Travs games. If you sit in the front row box seats, the tickets are $12. Reserved Seats are $8 for adults and $5 for kids. General Admission tickets are $6 for Adults and $4 for kids. Now I know that the millions of my fans could easily fill the place, but I’d just like to have at least a few friends there for moral support. The game starts at 7:10, and it is a school night, but they are playing the Tulsa Drillers.

Congratulations Tom, we know you’ll do a great job!


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