Cauliflower Alley Club Creed

Let us recognize that the CAC was established as a club for wrestlers, boxers, movie people, assorted friends and companions.  Now, we are the people from the world of wrestling that are dedicated to the belief in the need of a club of kindred souls who enjoy camaraderie, companionship, togetherness and friendship of each other.  We believe in the history of wrestling as well as promoting the future of wrestling.  We further believe that through our selection of officers and staaff (who have given, for free, their personal time, talents and finances) that they will make the correct decisions to build the reputation and membership of the club and continue its business into the future.

CAC Executive Board Members

Brian Blair, President / Chief Executive Officer
Morgan Dollar, Executive Vice President
Dean Silverstone, Treasurer
Gloria Lovell, Secretary
David Buckler, Webmaster
Royal Duncan, Executive Publisher of the “EAR”
Scott Hosey, Nostalgia Room Coordinator

Honorary CAC Board Associates

Karl Lauer – New Member and Benevolent Chairman
Ron Hutchison – Canadian Ambassador
Bruce Tharpe – Legal Counsel
George Schire – James C. Melby Award Chairman
Matt Riviera – New Wrestler Procurement
Bambi Weavil – Communications Manager

NOTE: All positions carry further duties and responsibilities that are too much to be listed for this specific purpose unless directed otherwise.