CAC’s two tax deductible funds

Did you know there are two tax deductible funds managed by the Cauliflower Alley Club where you can provide your personal helping hand to those in need?

The best known is the CAC Benevolent Fund.  This is where the CAC assists former or current wrestlers or folks affiliated with the  business with emergency funds for medical bills, living expenses, assistance for emergencies, or other areas when financial aid is required.  In 2014 the CAC awarded over $14,000 to those in need and the Benevolent Fund, first created by co-CAC founder Mike Mazurki still plays an essential role in being the only source within our industry that offers a helping hand.

The lessor known tax deductible fund is the CAC Membership Fund and this is where we accept monetary donations to keep in reserve to offer CAC memberships to those who can’t afford the $25 annual membership payment.  There are many wrestlers and people connected to the business who are in a position where even twenty-five dollars is impossible for them to give up, but sincerely want to be members of our organization.  This enables us the ability to send them each and every Ear which they write back telling us how much they enjoy receiving.  In 2014, we have seventeen members who receive The Ear and are CAC members in good standing thanks to your donations to this fund.

You can donate to either fund and receive a tax deductible form for your contribution(s).

Must be paid by check only and mailed to:
CAC Benevolent Fund
383 HWY 00
Rolla, MO. 65401

Can be paid using credit card, or check sent to:
CAC Membership Fund
201 NE 45th Street
Seattle, WA. 98105
(credit card payments, call 206-547-2704)

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