CAC Radio: GLOW Wrestler Ashley Cartier

In this episode of CAC Radio, David and Morgan welcome G.L.O.W. Ashley Cartier to the show. Ashley is a big supporter of the CAC and has found her a home at the annual CAC reunion.

As always, grab your favorite drink sit back and enjoy another great CAC Radio show!

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One Response to “CAC Radio: GLOW Wrestler Ashley Cartier”

  1. I really Enjoyed listening to this Interview with Ms. Cartier I’ve been a G.L.O.W. fan since the first season of G.L.O.W. I was a little kid at that time and just happened to have discovered it sometime in it’s first season on Saturday after the Saturday Cartoons. G.L.O.W aired at 11:00am on Saturdays in my area and I made sure to watch it for all four seasons it aired on the station over here. I consider G.L.O.W. as part of my Childhood for sure I bought everything I could find of G.L.O.W. during that time such as VHS tapes and every Issue of G.L.O.W. Magazine when it was being sold at News Stands along with all the WWF and other magazine publications at that time I was Thrilled that I could have G.L.O.W in the form of a magazine and read about All my favorite G.L.O.W girls and hang the Posters that were inside the magazine all over my room. I also wrote to G.L.O.W sometime in its first two seasons I had a lot of favorite G.L.O.W girls and I was thrilled when I received autographed Photos from AMERICANA and TARA THE SOUTHERN BELLE they were taped on my wall as well! I love G.L.O.W still as an adult now I definitely think G.L.O.W is from a certain era and paved the way for Women Wrestling as being a form of Entertainment as well as only being Wrestling then just the technical side of Women’s wrestling that had been around prior to G.L.O.W. G.L.O.W That being said I Love how some G.L.O.W Girls keep G.L.O.W going especially Little Egypt and Hollywood and Ms. Cartier, BABE, etc. As well as others! I’m so happy that G.L.O.W has its own Documentary now so overdue and Much Deserved I also love interviews that give information about G.L.O.W that I never Knew about before such as how each girl got involved in G.L.O.W how it was like being a G.L.O.W girl etc. I never got to go to a taping of G.L.O.W since I was too young and still a kid when it was in Vegas as well as when they Toured with it. I look forward to going to one of these conventions and meeting the G.L.O.W girls since I have never met any of them in person and hopefully get a picture with them and get to meet them! I look forward to more G.L.O.W. interviews documentaries books etc. anything that has to do with G.L.O.W. This is a awesome website for Wrestling fans everywhere great job and Thank You!