CAC member Jeff Sharkey talks Cribbage in Vegas.

CAC Cribbage tournament recruitment post from Jeff Sharkey:
In 2003 at my first CAC reunion it was Butcher Vachon who encouraged me to get into the cribbage tournament, citing the contest was about one way the boys used to pass the time and be sociable. That kind of camraderie wass one element sorely lacking during my active days, so I jumped at the chance to learn the game. Original organizer of the event, The Destroyer, painstakingly taught me the basics of the gameplay, as Wilma Beyer can attest (it was a Herculean task). In short order I learned about more than just a card game, but also facets of these men that propelled them onward throughout their careers. In the early days I did the job for perennial contenders like Douglas Ox Baker, Percival A. Friend and C.c. Starr. Mad Dog Vachon, Larry Hennig, Bill White and others are among the litany of cribbage conquerors and teachers. More recently the tourney has expanded as men like Jake Roberts, Chris Ostrovsky, Tim Pulkrabek and Scott Zappa have stepped up to the plate and helped the annual CAC scholarship and/or benevolent funds. It would be nice to field a 32-person tournament this year; consider this an invitation to sign up with Al Friend on Monday, and take in one of their training sessions to learn the game. You don’t have to be a good player, just a willing victim. A mere 20-dollar entry fee will earn you the satisfaction that someone will ultimately benefit from your generous participation. Let the cards fall where they may; I have made my pitch.

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