Brian Blair to chair the new CAC Membership Committee


CAC board member Brian Blair was recently chosen to chair the new CAC Membership Committee.  The committee will focus on ways to increase the club’s membership base, a critical component of the CAC’s future growth and development.  This is an exciting development for the CAC and we appreciate Brian’s willingness to step forward!

Said Brian:

It was an honor for me to be chosen to chair the “New Membership Committee”… my thanks to the board and our vice-president Mr. Karl Lauer. I plan to do a variety of things to attract new members to the CAC. My first call of order will be to explain the excitement of the three days we spend each year in Las Vegas to our “Legends Luncheon” crowd that meets in Tampa, FL bi-monthly.  I have over 3000 friends on my Facebook page so social media is another avenue I will pursue.  I also have about 1000 friends on Linked In, and I think we will be surprised how many business folks just need the awareness of the CAC and what it’s all about: “a great time for everyone” and much more!

So please start making your plans to attend the Cauliflower Alley Convention June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2014.  I would also ask that each existing member reach out to 5 non-members whom they think would like to become part of our family by joining the club. To become a member, and to get a better understanding of the club itself, please go to – it’s just that easy!

Thank you my friends and I can’t wait to see you all in June!


“B” Brian Blair

Chairman – New Membership Committee

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One Response to “Brian Blair to chair the new CAC Membership Committee”

  1. What a great honorable and very down to earth guy..What a welcome addition to the board of the CAC..Way To Go Brian!