Big Bill Anderson Remembers…

June 16, 1974 Tucson AZ. Was the day Big Bill grabbed the ring ropes and climbed into a ring for his first match. Little did he know some 30+ years later he would have traveled the roads he has traveled in his career as a pro-wrestler. His career actually started in 1973 when Kurt Von Steiger started training Bill in Phoenix AZ and Portland Oregon.

Logger Larson and Billy Anderson

From 1973 till yet today, Big Bill would have never thought his career would have had a impact on pro-wrestling as it has. From the AWA, WWF, Gulas/Jarrett, Hawaii, Arizona, New Mexico , California Utah and many other states along the way. Even, 5 one month tours for the FMW promotion in Japan in 1991, 92 and 93. From India, Taiwan, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, England, France, Korea, Guam & Okinawa are just a few of the foreign soils Big Bill has placed his wrestling boots on.

Bill Anderson in Mexico against Rayo De Jalisco Sr.

Bill Anderson in Mexico against Rayo De Jalisco Sr.



And in a matter of a few months, “Big Bill Anderson Remembers… The School of Wrestling!” will hit the shelves. You may be thinking, another Wrestling book? But this is more then just about one wrestlers time in the business. Its about a career that spans many facets of pro-wrestling. From his days in the beginning, to announcing, to training, up to, still today, Big Bill manages to keep a pulse on the business. In Bills book you will find out about him training people like, Sting, The Ultimate Warrior, Magnificent Mimi, Louie Spicoli, Rocky Romero, Rico Costantino, Missy Hiatt, Doug & Melissa Anderson and tons of other well known names.


Bill Anderson and Hot Rod - Roddy Piper

Bill has been on top of the mountain and looked both ways! Many well known greats has visited Bills school. Such as The Godfather, Matt Borne, Chris Jericho, Chris Daniels, Hot Rod himself, Roddy Piper, Nikita Koloff and even Rob Van Damm. The mind behind the wrestler, Big Bill Anderson, has catapulted many wrestlers into fortune and fame. In his book he talks about movie parts his students(along with himself) have been a part of. Along with road stories and other tid bits of his life in Pro-Wrestling.

Bills passion and love of the sport is indeed as strong now as it was in 1973, when he first laced up his boots. And even today, he may have went through many laces on those boots, but Bills true heart in the business is as strong as ever! Bill told me, “I had, and still have a great love and passion for professional wrestling from 1973 through today!”

In the forward of his book, CAC life member and past honoree, Percy Pringle III/Paul Bearer wrote,

“If you would pull your Funk and Wagnallâ??s off of the shelve and look up â??old school wrestling,â? you would see a picture of Billy Anderson at the top of the page.  He harbors an undying respect for our business that he shares with anyone who has ever had a conversation with him.

I would recommend that a student of the game who has a desire to enter our genre, make this fine book mandatory reading.  It is truly a story of working your way to the top through the school of hard knocks.”

Pringle III has only written one other forward for a book and that was for his dear friend, the late, Missing Link/ Dewey Robertson. Pringle III found it an honor to write the forward for a gifted talent such as Big Bill Anderson.

If you would like the inside scoop on the release date and to find out about “early order” Go over to EMAIL LIST  and sign up for the publishers email list. You will get up to date information about release dates and other info about this great book,

I can tell you this, If all goes as planned, look for Big Bill in Las Vegas at the reunion autographing, “Big Bill Anderson Remembers…The School of Wrestling!”. Billy Anderson is another one of the gentle giants of this business that is a true testiment of the “Ring of Friendship”.

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