James C. Melby Historian Award


Who may be nominated:

The nominee:

  • Must be a member in good standing of the Cauliflower Alley Club at the time of nomination.
  • Must have attended at least one CAC Reunion.
  • Must be recognized as having conducted major research work in the eyes of the Historian Committee.
  • Must be dedicated to maintaining the history of professional wrestling as a whole rather than having focused on one geographic area, territory, wrestler or promotion.
  • Must have had part, or all, of his historical work published in some form, by a third party source.
  • Must be willing to serve on the Historian Committee for a period of not less than four (4) years.

Who may submit nominations:

Nominations are ONLY accepted from past recipients of the Historian Award.  If you believe that there is a deserving candidate, please contact David Buckler at dbuckler@caci.com and he will forward your information to our Historian Committee.

When are nominations due:

Deadline for nominations is October 1.  Nominations made after this deadline WILL NOT be on the ballot.

What happens next:

The nominee receiving the highest number of votes will be selected as the next year’s honoree.

In the event of a tie, the Club’s President will cast the deciding vote between the two top candidates.