Future Legend Award

Note – there will not be a Future Legend award presented in 2017.

Who may be nominated:

The nominee:

  • Must be a member in good standing of the Cauliflower Alley Club before voting begins.
  • Should have wrestled on at least one show in conjunction with the CAC Reunion(if possible).
  • Must be willing to participate in tryouts for and wrestle on this year’s show in conjunction with the CAC Reunion (if possible).
  • Cannot be nominated over two consecutive years.

Who may submit nominations:

Nominations are accepted from all members in good standing of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

When are nominations due:

Deadline for nominations for the Future Legend Award is January 10 of the year the award is to be given.  Nominations made after this deadline WILL NOT be on the ballot.

What must be included with a nomination:

  • If submitted electronically, a resume detailing the nominee’s wrestling career to date (primary trainer, any other training classes/camps attended, promotions worked for, titles held, major league tryouts) photographs and links to online videos of nominee working matches against a variety of opponents and at least one link to a video of nominee performing an interview or promo.
  • If submitted in hard copy, copies of each of the above items must be submitted.
  • Supplemental items supporting the candidate’s case for consideration may be submitted, such as letters of recommendation from trainers, promoters, CAC members or past CAC Future Legend Honorees.
  • Confirmation that the nominee has been contacted and has agreed to attend the next Reunion if they are selected to be on the ballot.
  • The nominator should inform the nominee that he or she will not know whether or not they are receiving the award until it is presented at the Reunion.
  • The nominator will provide all contact information of the nominee.

Where should nominations be sent:

Nominations should be emailed to David Buckler at dbuckler@caci.com.

Nominations sent to other board members WILL NOT be on the ballot.

What happens next:

On or before January 15, a committee of 1 CAC member, 1 CAC Board member and 2 Executive Board members will review all of the nominations and will narrow the field to a minimum of two and a maximum of five nominees.

The nominators of the selected nominees will be notified that their candidate has been placed on the ballot, and the nominees will then have until February 10 to purchase their banquet ticket and confirm their attendance.

Failure to purchase the banquet ticket by the deadline will be considered as declining the nomination, and nominee will be removed from the ballot.

On or before February 15, Morgan Dollar will distribute to the CAC’s Future Legend Committee a ballot containing the finalists and copies of the items supporting candidacy.

The nominee receiving the highest number of votes will be selected as the honoree.  In the event of a tie vote, the Club’s Executive Vice President will cast the deciding vote between the two top candidates.

As noted above, the name of the winner will not be announced until the presentation is made at the Awards Banquet, and the award recipient will not be informed in advance.

The following personal are on the Future Legend Committee:

Morgan Dollar
Gloria Lovell
Vance Nevada
David Buckler