Submitting Photos

If you are considering submitting photos to the Cauliflower Alley Club please follow these guidelines:

Photos should be no larger than 600 X 640 pixels

If you are wanting credit on your photos, it is strongly suggested you place your credit on the picture itself. Due to the volume of photos we receive, we can not guarantee your photo will get credit. The website program does not allow for photos to get credit “typed” below the photo. The website program self alligns and is out of our control.

There’s several different programs that can be found online that offer the watermark printing to go on your photo. A free one online is PicMARKR ( ) .

We cannot use photos that are scanned with multiple photos on one scan. Please limit your photos to one photo per scan.

We prefer strong, crisp photos. Out of focus, blurred photos are not the quality we are looking for to go on the website.

We will delete any photo that has been photo shopped and not in it’s original form. No if’s ands or buts.

Submit your photos to  for consideration to have them placed on the website.