A special “thank you” to all of our members!

JR and Nick Bockwinkel (M. Lano)2Photo of President Bockwinkel and Jim Ross courtesy of Dr. Mike Lano.

The 2014 CAC Reunion is now behind us and we are eagerly looking forward to the big 50th celebration this coming April.  Each year the reunion is a special time filled with friends, memories, and a respect for this great organization.  Going on 50 years the Cauliflower Alley Club has honored the very best in professional wrestling, boxing, and the silver screen.  Any organization would be proud to exist, and prosper, for that amount of time.

The CAC Board of Directors works very hard each year to fulfill the club’s mission, which is to provide relief, support, and encouragement to those who dedicated their lives to their careers, and now need some sort of assistance.  The Board also spends a lot of time planning and organizing the annual reunion in Las Vegas, which serves as a fund raiser for the club, but also serves as a reminder of what makes our bond so special.

However, the success and sustainability of the CAC for the past 50 years is directly related to you, the club’s members.  It is because of your continued support that the Cauliflower Alley Club has grown into the prestigious organization it has become.  So, from each member of the CAC Board of Directors, we say “thank you” to each of you for sharing your time, energy, and passion with all of us.  And thank you for your financial support, without which we could not continue to help those in need.

Below is a list of the CAC Lifetime Members, both past and present.  While each and every club member is important and vital to our success, we wanted to honor them with a special recognition at this time.

Selma Abrams (RIP)
Mitch Ackerman
Roland Alexander (RIP)
Billy Anderson
Doug Anderson
Melissa Anderson
Shuhei Aoki (RIP)
Mubinu Balogun (RIP)
Steve Banford
Ramon Barreto, Jr.
Theresa Barriteau
Red Bastien (RIP)
Court Bauer
Bruce Bennett
Eugene Bennett
Maria Bernardi (RIP)
Viktor Berry
Cody Bever (RIP)
Richard Beyer
Brian Blair
Nick Bockwinkel
Valerie Boesch
Kenny Bolin
Shelly Melby Bonin
Mitch Bourassa
Dennis Brent
Randal Brown
Dr. Robert Bryla
David Buckler
Al Burke
David Cantu
Lance Cardoza
Tito Carreon
Anothony Caruso (RIP)
Graham Cawthon
Robert ” Bobby” Chidester
George Cleveland
William Cloninger
Jeffrey Compton
Tiger Conway, Sr. (RIP)
John Cozman
Gregory Crawford
Art Crews
Tim Dalton
Wes Daniel
Mark Davis
Jason Deadrich
Larry Deckenbaugh
William DeMott, Jr.
Gregory Dennis
Joe DeVito
Rose Diamond
Dylan Dimick
Chris Drake (RIP)
Tom Drake
Mike Dreksler
Scott Duffany
Royal Duncan
Andrew Durazo
Jeanne Durso
Martin Edelstein
Robert Ellowitch
David Farmer
Tim Farris
Wayne Farris
John Ferraro
Tom Filsinger
Justin Fitzpatrick
Mick Foley
Robert Forster
George Foster
Andy Fulks
Dan Gable
Margaret Garcia (RIP)
A. Garreffa
Betty Gerfen
Dustin Gettel
Patricia Godoy
Dr. Eric Goldenberg
Greg Goode
Sandra Goode Brady
Ted Gordienko
Greg Greenland
George Gunderson (RIP)
Andy Hamerlinck
Tom Hankins
Michael Harrison
Mickey Henson
Tony Heyes
Richard Holms
Charles Holt
Steve Hooper
Brian Hoops
Scott Hosey
Jeffrey Howell
Kevin Hughes
Sir Oliver Humperdink (RIP)
Raymond Icamel
William Inverso
Neal Isaak
Princess Jasmine (RIP)
Duff Johnson
Paul Jones
Ken Jugan
Cristofer H. Justin
Tony Kalanjian
Ronald Katzenmaier
Robert Keller
Brian Kelley
Stuart Kemp
J Michael Kenyon
Gene Kiniski (RIP)
Aaron Kirsch
Terence Klinger
Alex Knight
Sebastian Knowlton
Bill Kociaba
Bryan Koltz
Walter (Killer) Kowalski (RIP)
Paula Lachner
Donny Langdon
Karl Lauer
John Laurinaitis
Gene LeBell
Jeff Leen
Bob Leonard
Donald Leong
Ted Lewin
Keith Leydig
Raymond Licameli
Col. Max Maddox (RIP)
Carrie Magill
Shane Mai
Pete Maguire
Al Mandell (RIP)
Jim Mandl
Don Manoukian
Chris Marble
Joseph Marcianti
David Marquez
Joe Marshall
Joe Mauriello
Michael McCurdy
Lynne McIntyre (RIP)
Tex McKenzie (RIP)
Jim Melby (RIP)
Karen Merritt
Brian Mesaric
Darren Metselaar
Louis Michaud
Nancy Misken
Loren Miyake (Riki Ataki)
Cynthia Modry
William Moody (RIP)
Ron Mooney (RIP)
James Morrison
Steve Murphy
John Murton
Russ Myerson
Steve Needleman (RIP)
Kurt Nielsen
Sterling Nolan
Dr. Robert Nuba
Dr. Phil Nuytten
Robert Oates
Grady Odom
Steve Ogilvie
Greg Oliver
Chris Ostrovsky
William Pappas
Pat Patterson
Peggy Patterson
Chris Perry
Clark Peterson
Troy Peterson
Anthony Piazza
Gray Pierson
Roddy Piper
Harrin Platzner
Frank Polito III
Tom Prichard
Tim Pulkrabek
James Purcell
Joe Quevedo, Sr.
Greg Ragland
Raymond Raines
John Ramey
Gabe Ramirez
Chasyn Rance
Robert Remus
Rick Renslow (RIP)
Jason Rinehart
David Ring
Billy Two Rivers
Matt Riviera
James Roach
Ronald Robinson
Jim Ross
Thomas Rude
James Ryan
Jason Sanderson
Michael Saunders
Ronnie Scaccianoce
Rob Schamberger
George Schire
Andy Schmitz
Magic Schwarz
Tommy Seigler
Beverly Shade
Jake Shannon
Eddie Sharkey
Teresa Shaw
Mike Shields
Dean Silverstone
Ruth Silverstone
Bobby Simmons
Charlie Smith
Chuck Smith (RIP)
Eugene M. Smith III (RIP)
Toby Smith
Jeff Somsak
Teddy Speas
Oliver John Steinwandt
Robert Stephen
Ray Stern (RIP)
George Stiso
Paul Stratoti
Marc Stutman
Eddie Sullivan (RIP)
Eddie Tabash
Hisaharu Tanabe
Kenneth Taylor
R. Bruce Tharpe
Todd Thompson
Earl Theoroux (RIP)
Charlie Thesz
Ronald Thomas, Jr.
Bobbie Thompson
Jason Thompson
Todd Thompson
Michael Thornton (RIP)
Louie Tillet (RIP)
Ben Tomas
Evan Trinko (RIP)
Barney Tucker (RIP)
Glenn Ulrich
Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon (RIP)
Paul (Butcher) Vachon
Luna Vachon (RIP)
Al Valenti Jr.
Al Valenti Sr.
Jimmy Valiant
Count Billy Varga (RIP)
Anthony Vellano
Karl Von Hess (RIP)
Ella Waldek (RIP)
John Walker
Darren Walsh
James Weck
Beverly Wenhold
George Wenzel (RIP)
Mark Weppler
Brian Westcott
Bill White
King Wilkinson
John Williams
Keith Williams
Jim Wilson (RIP)
Mark Wilson
Brad Wood
Dyllan Woolston
Steve Yohe
Larry Young
Larry Zarcoff
Jeffrey Zwerin


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2 Responses to “A special “thank you” to all of our members!”

  1. Joe Mauriello July 10, 2014 at 8:29 am

    I’m pretty sure that Steve Ogilvie is still alive!
    Please check into it! Thanks!


  2. David Buckler July 10, 2014 at 8:39 am

    Fixed!! Thanks.