A message from EVP-elect Morgan Dollar

Less than a week from today people will start congregating in Las Vegas, Nevada for the CAC’s 50th Anniversary Reunion. As Banquet Coordinator I just want to congratulate all the Honorees as well as the presenters. We have worked hard on making the 50th reunion a stellar event and I honestly believe once everyone sees everything we have planned you will be amazed and start making plans for the 51st! All of the events and fundraisers, such as the cribbage tournament, bowling tournament, and championship belt raffle, go to help the heroes you watched growing up or the people you shared the squared circle with. For the past 10 months the board members have worked hard to pull off this great event and I personally thank all the ones that worked day in and day out for nothing more than a ‘thank you’ and the satisfaction of knowing the members of the CAC will enjoy themselves. Be sure and thank the board members as you see them throughout the reunion. Without them, the CAC would not be celebrating 50 years.

And there is no way I could forget the non-board member volunteers. These CAC members volunteer every year to help us out. This year when you walk into the banquet room Wednesday night you will see 750 banquet programs placed on the tables for every seat. Those are placed there by volunteers. The nostalgia room is organized and set up by volunteers (excluding the vendors). There is no way we could do this without the volunteers’ assistance. For all you do, volunteers, I and the CAC thank you as well.

As we have people coming from all over the world, I wish you all safe travels to the BIG 50th Anniversary Reunion and hope you have the time of your life. When the end of the reunion rolls around, I wish you safe travels back to home as well. Every year as I board the plane heading back to the Carolinas I just sit there and think of the past few days, the friends I get to see only once a year, the memories that was made, the new friends I have met. I always get the feeling that it is just not fair to work so long on this special event and in a matter of days it is over. But we will have the memories forever. I wished it could last for weeks! I really do. But in May we will all start working on the 51st.

And so the countdown begins!

Safe travels everyone,
Morgan Dollar
Banquet Coordinator

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3 Responses to “A message from EVP-elect Morgan Dollar”

  1. Ron Hutchison April 5, 2015 at 8:43 am

    Thank you Morgan for all that you, and absolutely everybody else involved, do as well! I am honoured and privileged to be part of the CAC family. It truly is the “Ring of Friendship”!

    As Morgan has already so eloquently stated, safe travels to all. Looking forward to creating more memories with everybody really, really soon. 🙂

  2. Looking forward to it. .Will be my 5th one in a row and every one has been memorable for one reason or another. .Viva Las Vegas!

  3. everyone have a safe travel getting to the 50th reunion I hope everyone enjoy the 50th reunion.