2013 Future Legend Finalist

The Future Legend committee has narrowed down the long list of nominations for the 2013 Future Legend Award winner. As this award becomes more popular every year, this was possibly the toughest year to narrow down the nominations. Below is the final four that made the cut. Only one, of these four, will grace the stage April 17th at the Wed. night Banquet and be presented with the 2013 Future Legend Award.

These are in no particular order:

Bambi Hall


Samantha “Bambi Hall” Hall is a second generation female wrestler, daughter of 1990’s and current west coast women’s star Raven Lake. In her rookie year, she embarked upon one of the most ambitious schedules ever seen by a newcomer to the business which included a feature role on the reality TV series “World of Hurt” alongside WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper, participation on the infamous Tony Condello northern Manitoba “Death tour” across the ice roads of the Canadian wilderness, and has been in the ring in matches and training situations with notable women competitors Sarita, Nicole Matthews and Angelina Love. Recently, she relocated to Edmonton, Alberta to take advantage of a more frequent match schedule across a wider range of wrestling promotions and has been repeatedly booked for a number of them. In less than two years she has appeared in more than 60 matches for eleven promotions across six Provinces and States.

Earlier this fall, Samantha received her first American press when she was listed on the ballot for the rookie of the year award in Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine, and was recently named the Canadian National Wrestling Alliance rookie of the year in CNWA magazine. And in January of this year won the CNWA Women’s Championship.


Derek Sanders


Derek Sanders has been working for Pro Wrestling Revolution for close to 5 years. The shows he has participated on have been taped for weekly television, Pay Per View, retail DVD distribution, and online sales. In that time he has wrestled in Nevada, in conjunction with CAC, California, and multiple tours of Portugal. Has wrestled for NWA Hollywood for Dave Marquez with all the matches being taped for television, the events ranged from studio tapings in Hollywood up to events in Las Vegas at the Orleans Casino. Sanders has been extra talent for WWE, and in ring workouts, also including various matches for television.

Bobby Sharp


Bobby Sharp is a 24-year old professional wrestler from Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada, who has had 500 documented bouts in the course of nine years of experience.
Captivated by wrestling in his pre-teen years, Bobby determined to find the quickest route to realizing his dream. At 14, he signed on for training by Edmonton wrestler/promoter Massive Damage (Sean Dunster) of Monster Pro Wrestling. Dunster was beginning a teenage training program, with a view to ultimately developing pro candidates. Dunster saw in the youngster desire and drive beyond his years, and given his rapid development was able to use him in his Edmonton and area professional cards by the time he was 15. From the outset, Bobby showed the ring skills of someone several years older, and built on that foundation with strenuous conditioning, hours of practice bouts, frequent attendance at selected seminars, and an ever-increasing dedication to his art.

Glenn Ulrich



BODYSLAM U School of Pro Wrestling (NJ) Trained under Richie Rotten, Magic, Chaos, Homicide Attended clinics with: Dr. Tom Prichard (3) Kevin Kelly (promo clinics) Charlie Haas Nunzio Julio Dinero Robbie E


BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization (NJ) Pro Wrestling Revolution (Las Vegas, NV)  National Wrestling Alliance Pro East (NJ) Future Stars of Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV) Liberty Wrestling Organization (NJ) National Wrestling Alliance on Fire (Maine) Elite Generation Wrestling (PA) Extreme Hybrid Wrestling ( PA)   Notable Opponents / Accomplishments Nunzio, Stevie Richards, The FBI (Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke), Julio Dinero Current BWO World Tag Team Champion and NWA On Fire Tag Team Champion with Steve Off


Amateur wrestling Team Captain 3 time Holiday Tournament Champion 2 time District Champion (1 Most Outstanding Wrestler) 2 time Region third place winner 2 time State Championship qualifier 1 time selected to compete in Senior National High School Championships

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