2013 CAC Future Legend Nomination Now Open

(The CAC Future Legend Committee has decided to list all of the 2013 Future Legend Nominees on the website. This will be the official list of the 2013 nominees. If you hear of a name that has been submitted, and it is not included on this list, that person has not been nominated. Once a name and all proper paper work has been submitted, that person will be added to this list. Being nominated does not mean the person has won this award.)

Nominations are now open for the 2013 CAC Future Legend Award. Please visit  Future Legend Nomination Rules for information on how to nominate someone.


(Below is the listing of all the 2012 Future Legend Honorees. Congratulations to Kyle Matthews on receiving the 2012 Future Legend Award)

2012 Nominee
Billy Blade


Weight: 225 lbs
Height: 6″0″
Hometown: Santa Maria, Ca
Years Pro: 10
Trained at the Legendary School of Hard Knocks with  Jesse Hernandez, Bill Anderson, &  Frankie Kazarian. Additional Training by Tom Howard at (UPW) Ultimate Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate University Seminars: Chavo Guerrero Jr., Gangrel, Raven, Shannon Moore, Christopher Daniels, Les Thatcher, & Super Crazy WWE tryout with Tom Pritchard, Wrestled with WWE Developmental Deep South Wrestling (was in the middle of relocating to Deep South when they shut down operations)
Titles held: 2 time APW (All Pro Wrestling) Tag Team champion once w/ former WWE star Gangrel, DMW Tag Team champion, 3 time NAW Tag Team Champion, & CWA International Heavyweight Champion
Major Promotions worked with: California : (APW) All Pro Wrestling, Knokx Pro & Territory League (ran by former WWE stars Rikishi & Gangrel), (PWR) Pro Wrestling Revolution , (EWF) Empire Wrestling Federation ran by Jesse Hernandez & NWA out of Hollywood Arizona: (IZW) Impact Zone Wrestling ran by the Navajo Warrior Alabama: Wrestle Birmingham ran by Robert Fuller & (GCW) Global Championship Wrestling Georgia: NWA Anarchy ran by Bill Behrans & WWE Developmental (DSW) Deep South Wrestling ran by Joe Hamilton & Bill Demott appearing on their weekly TV show Ohio: (HWA) Heartland Wrestling Association Pennsyvania: (PWU) Pro Wrestling Unplugged teamed with former WWE superstar Gangrel on several occasions at the famed ECW arena in Philadelphia Billy Blade has wrestled in 12 different states & 4 different countries including Portugal, Japan, Mexico, & Australia as well as performing for the US Troops of the USS Hornet in Alameda, Ca for Troopfest 2006 alongside APW stars and WWE/UFC star Daniel Puder & UFC star Cung LI exhibition MMA/Pro Wrestling show
Notable career hightlights include wrestling such WWE,WCW, & TNA stars as Kamala.R-Truth, Alberto Del Rio (Dos Caras Jr.), La Parka, Honky Tonk Man, Greg Valentine, Nasty Boys,Chavo Guerrero Jr. , Carlito Colon, Jim Neidhart, X Pac, Rikishi, Brain Christopher,Christopher Daniels, Steve Corino, & many more top names from past to present. Billy Blade has also wrestled 3 CAC Future Legend award winners Frankie Kazarian, Oliver John, & Cheerleader Melissa. Wrestled in the main event in Venlenca Do Minho, Portugal against Hijo De Rey Misterio which was viewed by the President & Vice President of that country that night.Billy Blade & tag partner Kadin Anthony (Rock of Love) were chosen to compete on Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamania 2009 Tour of Australia with Blade & Anthony being the only ones chosen with no national TV exposure for that tour. Billy Blade has teamed with WWE superstar Gangrel & managed by 2009 CAC Ladies Wrestling Award winner Luna Vachon off & on for years as the tag team Bloodline including their last official appearance all together at CAC 2008 reunion show. Billy Blade is now teaming with former WWE star “Sexy” Sean Casey known to fans as the Midnight Delight. Billy Blade has wrestled on 5 CAC reunion shows in Las Vegas being chosen each time after competing in seminars each year. Not only is Billy Blade a established wrestler all over the world he is also one of the top indy level promoters in all of the United States promoting shows for he last 8 years, drawing 2000 fan sellouts when he worked for (APW) All Pro Wrestling , (PWR) Pro Wrestling Revolution, & now with Vendetta Pro Wrestling. With the economy being down the way it is that is a exceptional feat. To this day he continues to draw sellout crowds & now is expanding East of California with legendary promoter out of Florida Bill Brown.


2012 Nominee
Adam Pearce


Height: 6â??2â?
Weight: 245 .lbs
Hometown:, San Diego CA
Debut: May 16, 1996
Birthday: June 24

By 30 years of age, Adam Pearce was recognized by the American wrestling media as one of the top 50 wrestlers in the entire world â?? and was reigning atop the wrestling world as the NWA World champion.

Adding his name to a list of legendary wrestlers including Ric Flair, Harley Race and Lou Thesz was not an easy road for Pearce, who won his first world championship in 2007 at age 29.  Itâ??s hard to believe that the champion was stricken as a youth with  acute muscular compartment syndrome in both legs during his teens â?? a condition which required surgery and required him to re-learn even how to walk.

However, upon recovery, Pearce started training for a ring career which would take him around the world.  His debut, at seventeen years of age on May 16, 1996 took place just prior to his graduation from high school and his real education in the school of hard knocks began.   During his fifteen year ring career he has competed   for some of the premiere leagues in wrestling industry, including appearances for the WWE, WCW, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and many of the top independent wrestling circuits in the United States â?? for which he is perhaps best known.

Pearceâ??s influence on wrestling as a ring psychologist and locker room leader are widely known.  In fact, the world champion is one of the wrestlers credited with launching the career of current WWE World champion, C.M. Punk.

Pearce is probably best recognized by Canadian fans fans for his association with the Philadelphia-based Ring of Honor wrestling circuit, which airs on the Fight Network.  Ring of Honor (or ROH) was featured in the Mickey Rourke movie, The Wrestler.  Here, Pearce faced off with the likes of Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, C.M. Punk and others.

As NWA champion, Pearce has proven to be one of the most aggressive champions in his defense of the title and his travel schedule rivals that of many legendary champions of years past.  Not since the championship was restored as a travelling title not encumbered to a specific regional circuit has anyone dominated the division in the manner that Pearce has.  A record which he plans to preserve tonight against local favorite, Vance Nevada.

Titles Held:
NWA World Heavyweight (4x)
NWA Heritage title (2x)
NWA British Commonwealth
ASCW Heavywight
ASCW Television title
Alternative Wrestling Show title
IWA Mid-South Light Heavy.
Mid-America Wrestling title
Pro Wrestling Guerilla title
Steel Domain Wrestling TV title
Ultimate Pro Wrestling title



2012 Nominee
Brandon Gatson


Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6″0″
Years Pro: 13
Hometown: Los Angeles, Ca

Brandon trained at Empire Wrestling Federation by Jesse Hernandez and to this day has been loyal to his roots there.  He has had the benefit of attending & learning from the many superstar clinics that Jesse is able to provide for his students. Brandon still strives to hone & mold his craft and is always open to instruction even though he has achieved much in his career already.

Brandon has had the good fortune to wrestle a few matches for WWE and he showed well.  He is a multi-time EWF Heavyweight champion & NWA Arizona Heavyweight champion.  He has wrestled for many promotions including FSW, PWG, WCWC & CZW where he was featured in the highly respected CZW Best of the Best Tournament in 2010. Brandon is well known on the Indy circuit throughout Arizona, California & Oregon.

Jenn Thornhill  knows Brandonâ??s work from a different type of venue. ” I put shows together that share the message of Christ.  I first saw Brandon work an exhibition show for Athletes International in 2006.   I was impressed with his work & his commitment to his craft but more than that I was impressed with the character of this young man.  Through the years I have seen Brandon grow not only as a Wrestler but as a motivational speaker to kids and as a strong ethical man working to have a prosperous life for his family.  Brandon is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, musician & producer not only do I believe he will continue to be successful in wrestling but in every aspect of his life. Brandon would make a wonderful role model to up & coming wrestlers as the 2012 Future Legend.”



2012 Nominee
Matt Riviera

Height and Weight – 6’3″ 235 pounds
Russ Vegas, Arkansas (aka Russellville, Arkansas)

From a humble start as true fan on the sport, Matt was fortunate to  have a father that would take him to every wrestling show available in the state of Arkansas and Oklahoma. He would watch wrestling on TV and not only appreciated the athletic competition but also booking philosophies of the different promotions. Like a sponge, he started figuring out what made sense and sold tickets and what did not.

At the age of 15, Matt started helping promoters for the organizations he liked by making and distributing show posters around the towns where he attended shows. After watching other promoters put on less than stellar shows, Matt figured he should at least try to put together his own wrestling shows and he formed Global Pro Wrestling. He would bring in stars from around the Mid-South area that he felt would not only sell tickets but also make money. From that modest beginning at age 15, Matt has continued to not only promote but he also began training to make his impact in the ring.

Under the initial training of Bill Ash, Tim Storm and Jeff Jett, Matt learned from the mat up. He learned in-ring mechanics, the proper techniques of chain wrestling, how to read crowds and  most important, how to tell that story in the ring. Matt made his in-ring debut at the age of 21, four years after promoting his first show.’

Matt is able to learn from every wrestler he works and continues to find ways to improve his in-ring presentation. But the promotion part of his career has not slowed down. Moving on from the initial Global Pro Wrestling, he has founded Traditional Championship Wrestling – where tradition lives on! Matt is an advocate of Old School booking, TCW is a promotion that  puts wrestling first and presents shows that parents can take their children to see and not be afraid that they will hear cursing or see massive amounts of blood.

Although Matt has held various championships, he knows you don’t have to be a champion to be an excellent entertainer in the ring. The story in the ring is most important and he relishes every opportunity to be in front of the TCW fans.

In addition to the live performance aspect of TCW, he began to reach out to the state of Arkansas with episodic television. In 2009, TCW Television started out as a 10 minute web show using a two camera shoot and crude graphics. Beginning last July, TCW Television premiered on broadcast stations throughout Arkansas to audiences of over 5 million potential viewers. TCW Television continues today as a four camera shoot with  former WCW Announcer Christopher Cruise as host and play-by-play announcer. The show continues to be broadcast not only to over the air outlets but also on the TCW Web Site (http://traditionalwrestling.com) on a weekly basis. Matt’s broadcast experience through college has allowed him to assemble the type of production facilities, equipment  and personnel that makes almost all other promotions pale in comparison.

TCW Wrestling Arkansas Association of Wrestling Razorback All-Star Wrestling NWA Oklahoma Mid-States Wrestling World League Wrestling New Experience Wrestling Global Pro Wrestling Mid-South Pro Wrestling Old Time Wrestling Showtime All-star Wrestling OSW Wrestling ACW Wrestling All-Star Wrestling Rampage Pro Wrestling PWA Wrestling RCW Wrestling

Jeff Jett Tim Storm Buddy Landel Don Bass

Starting making programs at age 15 Promoted first show at age 17 Made pro wrestling in-ring debut at age 21





2012 Nominee
Glenn Ulrich

 Glenn was only 10 years old when he literally stumbled upon Richie Rottens professional wrestling school which was located in an AmVets Hall across the street from his home. He started training on how to wrestle and bump at ten.  He began working on the shows as the owner of the fed and could not wrestle due to his age and size obviously.  However, he was at the school every week working out with guys who went on to greatness such as former TNA Stars Jay Lethal and Homicide.  He also had the opportunity to train with former WWE stars Charlie Hass and Jackie Gayda.  Glenn took many clinics as he grew up and worked with such guys as Dr. Tom Prichard, Kevin Kelly, Robbie E, Julio Dinero, Stevie Richards, Nunzio, Gangrel, Charlie Haas and others.  He Joined the Cauliflower Alley Club and became their youngest lifetime member at the time at the age of 16.

Glenn also excelled in high school sports including wrestling and football.  In wrestling Glenn was a four year varsity wrestler, was team captain, won three district championships, two time place winner at the regional championships, earned a birth in the state wrestling championship and was selected to wrestle in the High School National championships.  These are tremendous accomplishments as New Jersey is one of only a few states that wrestle all the way down to one single state champion in each weight class for the entire state regardless of school size, public or private school.

Glenn had the fortune to sit down with Roddy Piper and get some advice that changed his life.  Roddy Piper advised Glenn that he should go to school after he graduated high school and get some type of education.  He told him no matter how good he may be or not at wrestling he needed to have a back up plan for when it was over.  Roddy spoke with Glenn just like he would his own son and that meant a lot to Glenn.  Glenn took the advice from Roddy and he enrolled in UTI / MMI school for Motorcycle Mechanics to pursue his further education.  Glenn graduated with honors and is now a certified Harley Davison Technician and a certified Kawasaki Technician.

Now Glenn is out of school and again climbing in the ring enjoying his days as a wrestler and pursuing his dream.  He has the degree in his pocket and a back up plan for the future thanks to some great advice.

Personally Glenn is a fine young man the club can be proud of.  He is very respectful and especially respects the legends that have come before him and helped create the great business we all love.  It is also evident by the fact that he is a lifetime member of this great club and is at all the reunions (except I think one while he was in MMI) since he turned 16.  Glenn has also learned Carny thanks to so many of the legends and in respect of them.

Glenn runs the BWO, Bodyslam Wrestling Organization, in NJ and uses the company to do countless fundraising events for sick children, Project Graduations, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, The Make a Wish Foundation, American Legions, Disabled American Veterans, POW/MIA and so many more.  In his free time Glenn visits children in hospitals bringing pictures and items from the wrestling shows, and spending time to cheer them up and put a smile on their faces.

He has had the pleasure to tryout in front of many of the greats of the business and get pointers from the legends at the wrestling shows at the reunion.  He has been selected to work on the shows and perform in front of the members, fans and legends at the CAC reunion many times.  This has helped him to get better and better every time.  He has had the pleasure of getting evaluated at the tryouts by guys like Harley Race, Les Thatcher and Pat Patterson and even got to wrestle on a show run by Jason Deadrich.

Glenn is a well rounded young man.  He still enjoys playing sports and he enjoys working out in the gym.  Glenn has always had a love for motorcycles and has been riding since he was a little boy.  He has also always been a bit of a daredevil I guess and this year he began racing motorcycles competitively in motocross competitions.  He is doing well, and practicing as much as possible while balancing all of this with his personal life, professional wrestling, running a fed, doing charity work, working a regular job and so much more.


BODYSLAM U School of Pro Wrestling (NJ)

Trained under:
Richie Rotten,

Attended clinics with:
Dr. Tom Prichard (3)
Kevin Kelly (promo clinics)
Charlie Haas
Julio Dinero
Robbie E

BODYSLAM Wrestling Organization (NJ)
Pro Wrestling Revolution (Las Vegas, NV)
National Wrestling Alliance Pro East (NJ)
Future Stars of Wrestling (Las Vegas, NV)
Liberty Wrestling Organization (NJ)
National Wrestling Alliance on Fire (Maine)
Elite Generation Wrestling (PA)
Extreme Hybrid Wrestling ( PA)

Notable Opponents / Accomplishments:
Stevie Richards,The FBI (Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke),Julio Dinero Current BWO World Tag Team Champion and NWA On Fire Tag Team Champion with Steve Off Skills

Amateur wrestling
Team Captain 3 time Holiday Tournament Champion
2 time District Champion (1 Most Outstanding Wrestler)
2 time Region third place winner
2 time State Championship qualifier 1 time selected to compete in Senior National High School Championships

Knowledge of Carny
Public Speaking
Football Team Captain
Play the Bass
Motorcycle Technician

Lifetime Member Cauliflower Alley Club

Interests / Hobbies 
Motorcycles, Dirt bikes / Motocross, Skateboarding, Music, Fishing, Camping, Nascar


http://www.megavideo.com/?v=RQLSZSBG (unable to embed on site, must click link to view video)






2012 Nominee
Wolfgang Danger

* Started as a Referee (2008)
* Second Generation Pro Wrestler
* Wrestled in California and Alaska (title defenses)
* Has wrestled in front of the US troops @ JBER (2011)
* Maybe the youngest Pro Wrestling promoter in the world
* Began training at the age of 5 @ Pile Drivers Pro Wrestling School
* Continued training at Pile Drivers under Mr. Outrageous & Nick Danger
* Currently the Light Heavyweight Champion for the AWA
* Has wrestled for the AWA, NWA, UWF, APW
Wolfgang joined CAC and attending his first convention in 2010
In September 2011, Wolfgang became partners with “Mr. Outrageous” , Al Burke in the AWA – Alaska
by splitting the cost of a new Monster ring that they are currently using.
At the age of 16, Wolfgang Danger is living his dream as a Pro Wrestler!

Height – 5’10”
Weight – 205 lbs.
Years as a Referee – 1 year
Years Pro Wrestling – 3 years
Hometown – Anchorage, Alaska

Chugiak High School – Junior Year
Varsity Football Letterman
3.3 GPA

2012 Nominee
Sammy “The Bulldog” Savard

Weight: 227lbs
Height: 5â??9â?
Hometown: Roseau, MN
Years pro: 10 years
Trained By: Former AWA Light Heavyweight Champion Buck â??Rock n Rollâ?Â  Zumhofe
Titles Held:
â?¢World Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion (Hibbing, MN) 2008 â?? Present.
â?¢Midwest Light Heavyweight Champion (MN, ND, SD, WI, IA) 2009 â?? 2010.
â?¢Pro Midwest Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (Cottage Grove, MN) 2007.
Impact Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion (Madison, SD) 2007.
â?¢Hard Knocks Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (Oconto, WI) 2005.
â?¢Canadian Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion (Forest, Ontario) 2004-2006.
â?¢XJAM Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (Minot, ND) 2004 â?? 2005.
â?¢Rock n Roll Wrestling Heavyweight Champion (Cyrus, MN) 2002, 2003.


Buzz Sawyer, Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Kerry Brown, Buck Zumhofe, Ole Anderson, Ray Stevens.
Superstars Competed Against:
Jim â??The Anvilâ? Neidhart, Honky Tonk Man, Sinn Bodhi(Keizarny), Lenny Lane, Greg Gagne, Baron Von Raschke, Buck â??Rock n Rollâ? Zumhofe, Kenny â??Sodbusterâ? Jay, Sheik Adnan El Kassie, â??The All American Americanâ? Jack Swagger, The Boogeyman, John Morrison, Steve Corino, Austin Aries, Arik Cannon, â??Livewireâ? Johnny Parks, JB Trask, Horace The Psychopath, Jason Bates, Wild Bill Irwin, Dynamic Dave, The Blaster, Starfire Derrick Dukes, â??Pitbullâ? Kerry Brown, Wavell Star, Rikishi, Black Stallion, Bam Neely, â??The Outlawâ? Adam Knight.
Career High Spots:
â?¢Wrestling in Las Vegas, NV at the Cauliflower Alley Club Reunion 2011.
â?¢A figure head for Tony DeNucciâ??s American Wrestling Federation TV show called Saturday Night Slam on KSTC-45 out of Minneapolis, MN since 2010.
â?¢Wrestled The Boogeyman for the WWE program ECW in Sioux City, IA January 2009.
â?¢Participated with the WWE six times from 2008 â?? 2009.
â?¢Competed against Steve Corino for the AWA Heavyweight title in 2005.
â?¢XJAM wrestler of the year in 2004.


2012 Nominee
Aaron Bolo

Height: 6’1″
Weight: 225
Professional Debut: July 2005

Trained By: Buddy Wayne, Dave Hollenbeck, Davey Richards, Tony Kozina
Additional Training And Seminars By: Dr. Tom Prichard, Honky Tonk Man, TJ Wilson, Colt Cabana, Steve Corino, Ricky Steamboat, Nick Dinsmore, Steve Keirn, Norman Smiley, Billy Kidman, Dusty Rhodes, Christopher Daniels,

Promotions Worked For: WWE, Pinnacle Wrestling (WA), ECCW (BC), NWA Hollywood (CA), WCWC (OR), EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR (CA), TCW (WA), DOA (OR), WPW (CA), PWB (WA), NRW (OR), NWA Washington (WA), SCW (WA), EWF (CA), SPW (CA), DMW (CA), NCPW (BC), PDX (OR), PWA (OR), PNPW (OR)

Championships Held: Pinnacle/NWA Washington Championship, NRW Championship, DOA Heavyweight Championship (2), TCW Heavyweight Championship, WCWC Heavyweight Championship, WCWC Lightning Championship, Pinnacle Tag Team Championships, PWB Tag Team Championships (2), PWB/NGW Washington State Heavyweight Championship (2), SCW Heavyweight Championship, TCW Tag Team Championships, PNPW Tag Team Championships (2)

Finishing Move(s): Korean Drop, Seoul Crusher
Favorite Moves: Blue Thunder Driver, Falcon Arrow, Diving Headbutt, Karate Strikes


2012 Nominee
Ann Brookstone

Ann Brookstone started training at Midwest Pro Wrestling in March of 2003. She trained with “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon and Dan “Shifty” Shaffner. Her professional debut arrived in December of 2003. Brookstone was awarded “Woman of the Year” by Des Moines, Iowa’s 3xw and was also their Women’s Champ. She also won the Woman’s Championship for X-Jams in Minot, North Dakota, and Heavy on Wrestling in Duluth, Mn. Ann has appeared on international TV as a part of “Wrestlicious” She’s wrestled for Shimmer and IWA-Midsouth out of Chicago, Illinois as well as Magnificent Ladies Wrestling out of Nashville, TN. Competed  with or against many TNA and WWE stars such as Joyce Grable, Honky Tonk Man, Buck Zumhofe, Greg Gagne, WWE’s Cherry, Molly Holly, Christy Hemme, Lita, Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, Sojo Bolt, and Daffney. Brookstone has wrestled in numerous states including Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Nebraska, and West Virginia. Organizations she has wrestled for include Shimmer, Iwa-Midsouth, F1rst Wrestling, many, many NWA promotions and indy promotions all over the midwest.

Samples of Ann Brookstone’s matches:


2012 Nominee
Kyle Matthews

Kyle began training at age 15 in a small converted car garage in Rome GA in October 2002, and, under the local promotions, trained with the Sharp Dressed Man (Russell Wiggins). He had his first match in Rome, GA on December 7,2002. For the next few years, Kyle spent most of his time wrestling in small promotions in the northwest Georgia area.

In 2007, Matthews’ debut for NWA Anarchy and also began training under the late “Nightmare” Ted Allen. Matthews spent hours learning the art of professional wrestling: traveling, wrestling and advanced training with Allen. They became like father and son. Matthews to this day, still refers to Allen as his “Wrestling Dad”

During this time, Matthews began to travel extensively around the country to further his craft. As part of the tag team the Hollywood Brunettes, Matthews would compete in two consecutive matches of the year in the state of Georgia in 2007 and 2008. In 2008, he competed in Chikara’s annual Young Lions Tournament. In 2009, he competed for West Coast Wrestling Connection in Oregon and Ring Of Honor, including one appearance on Ring Of Honor Television.

Following the sudden and tragic death of Ted Allen on August 19,2010, Matthews dedicated his career to his mentor and friend by honoring him with the placement of a large tattoo of Allen’s mask on his left shoulder. In October 2010, he was invited to the Zero One and HUSTLE promotions. He trained under Japanese stars Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka and Ikuto Hidaka and competed against many of the top stars in Zero One Max such as Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka and Ikuto Hidaka and Kamikaze. Also he was voted the Best Technical Wrestler by his peers and promoters in the State of Georgia for 2009 and 2010, and giving the Tim Woods Award by the website georgiawrestling.com for this honor.

In 2011, he attended his first Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion in Mobile, AL and made his debut for the Dragon Gate USA promotion. Matthews has wrestled in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, North & South Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and will be making his Maryland debut for Maryland Championship Wrestling in July of 2011, he will receive a NWA WORLD Junior Heavyweight Championship match in August of 2011 in Soddy Daisy, TN.

Debut December 7, 2002
Major Promotions worked with:
Zero 1 Max (Japan)
Dragon Gate USA
Ring Of Honor
Chikara Pro Wrestling
West Coast Wrestling Connection
NWA Anarchy
NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling
NWA Florida
NWA Chattanooga
Many other NWA Affiliates and other smaller independent promotions

2009 & 2010 Tim Woods Award for the Best Technical Wrestler in Georgia (presented by georgiawrestlinghistory.com)
2007 & 2008 Participant in Georgia Match of the Year
2010 NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling Match of the Year (Kyle Matthews vs. J-Rod vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Bryan Danielson)

Training Background:
Began Training under Sharp Dressed Man (Russell Wiggins)
Advanced Training by “Nightmare” Ted Allen
Zero 1 Dojo (Shinjiro Otani, Masato Tanaka and Ikuto Hidaka)
Additional Training by:
Jimmy Rave
Low-Ki (Seminar)
Al Snow (Seminar)
Les Thatcher (Seminar)

Samples of Kyle Matthews’ matches: