2010 Reunion – Presidential Address

Your booking is confirmed, your accommodations in order.  As the hours draw near to our proverbial curtain-raiser, I am once again encouraged by the sheer enthusiasm of so many of our residents of Cauliflower Alley.  As our organization’s torch-bearer, our EVP Karl K. Lauer informs me on a regular basis of the number of attendees that have responded of late.  As the numbers rise, so do the corners of his mouth; part of bearing the torch is knowing when to light a fire under some of our devoted throng.

While it is important to reflect on the past year and remember so many of our brothers and sisters who have heard their final bell, conversely we must make a decided effort to welcome our first-time guests and those who arrive not with a storied history between us, but a desire to share camaraderie and fellowship.  Cauliflower Alley is a two-way street; we showcase it through our courtesy and respect of all-comers.  Many of our club’s legendary figures have done well to mentor our next generation, those who will sustain our beloved sport going forward.  I heartily urge this practice to continue.

Our Sapphire event is marked with a gemstone’s best features.  In many shapes and colors, from so many varied origins… and all demonstrating unique levels of reflection when the spotlight is placed upon them.  That is our membership; diverse and yet equally appreciated.  We have so many gems in our collection, and my challenge to all who make their pilgrimage to our 45th reunion is to mine these jewels, bring out their best by crafting your own mark upon them.  Our Ring of Friendship is made of ropes that can tie us together, and have corners where we can always meet. It is that time once again; let us convene shortly for another collar-and-elbow embrace in center ring.

-Nick Bockwinkel

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