2010 CAC Reunion a Resounding Success

Yes, itâ??s a little like that 1980â??s Barry Horowitz ring introduction where he patted himself on the back. 

But we think itâ??s more about letting the world at large see a small sampling of unsolicited views of the just-completed 2010 CAC reunion in Las Vegas, April 19-21.  And thereâ??s nowhere better to begin than with this statement from todayâ??s dean of wrestling announcers, and our 2010 Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award honoree, Jim Ross:

Terry Funk, Darla Staggs Taylor, Jim "JR" Ross


“CAC was a great experience and I certainly hope to attend on an annual basis. The Mrs. had a great time too which always helps. I am shocked that more successful pro wrestlers and that ALL wrestling organizations aren’t more supportive of CAC, which is a completely, 100% non-profit organization. All active wrestlers should become Lifetime Members for the $300 one-time fee plus all wrestling organizations should ask CAC what they can do to help the organization rather than to put them on â??ignoreâ??, as if CAC did not exist. That’s just damn embarrassing.”
Jim Ross


â??Although I myself am not a wrestler, my significant other, Saleem Erakat, is and I cannot express how insightful all of the information and experiences were in being able to offer my support to him the best I can, and also how to excel in my own endeavorsâ?¦..The newer generation has so much that they can learn from all of those before them and I intend on suggesting to everyone I meet interested in the wrestling business to attend the CAC Reunionâ?¦..I never knew I would be around so many wonderful people as I was this past week. God Bless and looking forward to seeing you next year!â?
Julie Johnson
Elite Xtreme Wrestling photographer

Bob Leonard, Jim Melby Award winner, Vance Nevada, Shelley Melby Bonin

â??You can expect to see me annually, but I am very interested to get more actively involved with the club on a much more frequent basisâ?¦… this week was not only a career highlight for me, but tops the list of personal experiences as well.  The whole week was incredibly rewarding. I will be encouraging more of| the current generation in our business to get themselves to CAC| for future events.  My hat goes off to the tremendous effort by the| organizers and volunteers for all of their hard work.â?
Vance Nevada

â??My thanks to you, Karl, for your â??labor of loveâ? in last weekâ??s CAC convention in Las Vegas.   Your participation was largely responsible for having the best CAC meeting I have been to.  This is a wonderful event that you offer to so many for a trip down memory lane that engulfs at least 50 years for people like me.  Sign me up for the 2011 reunion!â?Â Â 
Bill Kersten

â??(The reunion) shows you have done this for years and it shows in the product. You all should be very proud of what you have done there over time, and I am sure your families are also very proud of youâ?¦.thank you for your kindness, and my very best regards to you and your families”                                                                             
Dan Kroffat

â??Karl, I would like to thank you and the CAC for the awards you gave us, and for treating us with the ultimate kindness. We had a very good time”  
Magic and Evie Schwarz

Mark Posey Nick Bockwinkel

 “The CAC Sapphire Reunion was the second reunion I’ve attendedâ?¦..being able to network with promoters and other wrestlers is enormously beneficial.  An often overlooked benefit is the seminars. Vance Nevada’s talk on promoting yourself was excellent, covering all aspects of getting work in other territories — including how to conduct yourself as a professional in the dressing room. Ross Hart & Dan Kroffat’s seminar on planning for life after wrestling should be almost a career requirement because, let’s face it, it’s not going to last forever.

I will absolutely be back next year. Both times I’ve come away from the reunion re-invigorated about the business, and better prepared to deal with all the aspects of a career in professional wrestling.”
Mark Posey

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