The Sports Illustrated Legend, Canvasman, Robbie Ellis, rolls the dice in Vegas! World Premiere of the Trailer for “Canvasman, The Robbie Ellis story” to be Screened.


ellispose The Sports Illustrated Legend, CANVASMAN, Robbie Ellis will grace the professional wrestling ring at the Gold Coast casino on April 13th 2009 as he challenges, “The Future Legend, Luke Robinson” The feud between these two combatants has taken place all across the United States and Europe, over the past several months. And both have agreed to roll the dice in Vegas and hopefully bring this feud to a end. Bookies in Vegas have even made attempts to contact Ellis. His secretary simply said, “Just bet on a winner”!

Ellis however, has prepared himself for this feud with a one – up on Robinson. The CANVASMAN is more than just about  wrestling.

For several decades, Ellis has managed to live a double life(even his wife, Annette was shocked when he broke the news to her) Ellis who is 65 yrs old, has operated Barridoff galleries in South Portland Maine by day and by night Ellis traveled outside his hometown and challenged combatants in the squared circle.

The Monday night wrestling show in Las Vegas will feature the world Premiere of the trailer of the movie, “Canvasman, The Robie Ellis story,” a feature length documentary directed by Gary Robinov of White Dog Arts. The film is about Ellis’s double life selling art (on canvas, of course) and wrestling (also on canvas, of course) and follows him to rings and art markets from Philadelphia to Verona, Italy. It’s a highly amusing and realistic look at a most unusual double life.

Robbie Ellis is a splendid athlete and showman.

 “Until several months ago, his neighbors in Portland, Maine knew Rob Elowitch only as the urbane and rather scholarly co-owner of the citys respected Barridoff Galleries. Elowitch, a cum laude graduate of Amherst College, has for years devoted much of his time to developing artistic and cultural programs throughout Maine; his gallery has sold works by such renowned American painters as Eakins and Homer for prices as high as ($500,000). Elowitch also belongs to one of Portlands most accomplished families. His sister is a former mayor of the city, and his father is co-founder of a thriving manufacturing company. Yet for the last 20 years Rob Elowitch has led a secret life as a professional wrestler. He ellisaction1(as Robbie Ellis) has competed in rings throughout the U.S. and Europe, playing the hero against the likes of Lord Herculon and Killer Kowalski. Elowitch, who has grappled for Amherst was concerned about his image. He hid his mat career from his customers, parents and most of his friends by never competing in Portland; he often squeezed in matches while on business trips. His secret became public when he reluctantly agreed to be listed on a wrestling card in Portland, and local papers put him on the front page. To his relief, Elowitch has found that the publicity about his wrestling career hasnt hurt his gallery business at all. In fact, in the art world hes now admired more than ever.” *compliments of Sports Illustrated

I wouldnt want to negotiate with him on a painting!
ellisaction2The Sports Illustrated Legend will be at the reunion to sign autographs starting Monday afternoon at 3PM, Until an hour or so before the show Monday night.
Ellis will be available after the show Monday night. Also, each of the reunion days,Tuesday and Wednesday, he will be there from 12 until 1. And of course he will also be at the banquet before, during, and after.

Bad Boy Robbie Ellis

The CANVASMAN poster will be there on a limited quantity for FREE! Autographed in person by, The Sports Illustrated Legend himself, Robbie Ellis! Where can you get a $10.00 movie poster, autographed in person by the main actor of the movie for free? This poster is sure to be a collectible item in the very near future! Come to Las Vegas and meet the, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED LEGEND, Robbie Ellis!

The Sports Illustrated legend
arguably the most influential art figure in the state!

PORTLAND MONTHLY (Portland, Maine)


 To learn more about the “Sports Illustrated Legend, Canvasman, Robbie Ellis” visit his official website at

The Official website of the soon to be  released movie,” Canvasman, The Robbie Ellis Story” can be found here –



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